With support from all walks, Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES) is now entering its 5th year.  GIES 2021 would continue to include thematic exhibition booths and pavilions to showcase the latest innovations and ideas for better living for elderly persons as well as other people with special needs.  In addition, workshops and interactive programmes would also be organized to provide a diversified experience for the participants.

Date of Expo

The GIES Expo will be held from 3-6 November (Wed to Sat) at Hall 1A-C of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Thematic Pavilion

More than 100 exhibitors will showcase their latest gerontech products at GIES.  Besides, several  thematic pavilions will be set up:

  1. Fall Prevention and Detection : Fall can cause serious injury for the elderly and people with mobility problems.  Different technology for use at home or residential care units can minimize the fall risk factors.  These include devices for fall risk assessment, fall prevention training, harm reduction, fall prevention and incident detection, etc. 
  2. Interactive Sports Ground : The Olympic fever struck the city and people are motivated to participate in all sports activities.  Yet the pandemic has forbidden gathering of the mass for holding sports day.  An interactive sports ground with different technology-enhanced devices will be set up for visitors to take challenge and go exercise on spot.
  3. Smart City   Quality Service : Smart City Blueprint 2.0 includes the establishment of the Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care (ITF) and the Gerontech Platform (GTP).  One of the core functions of GTP is to collect users’ feedback on gerontech products through co-creation.  A special zone will be set up for visitors to try out the products.  The developers can then collect feedback for product improvement.
  4. Social Service App-based Support : NGOs will showcase their relevant mobile apps and websites for supporting the elderly, people with disabilities and carers.
  5. Others : including Care Food Pavilion, Gerontech Rental Service and Telepractice in Social Service.

Group Tour

No subsidy can be provided for service units this year.  Yet all are still welcome to join GIES. For better crowd control, those centres which will arrange group visits, kindly inform us of your itinerary (click here to submit your itinerary).  Service units are also encouraged to conduct live broadcasts or video recording on-site for their members.

Infectious Control

To minimize the risk of infection, we will further strengthen the epidemic prevention requirements.  According to the latest government rules, all visitors entering a venue should use “Leave Home Safe” mobile app or provide their name for our record.  Besides, all visitors should wear a face mask all the time.  Moreover, no eating or drinking is allowed inside the exhibition hall.  Please refer to our website for the latest requirements.

Guided Tour for Professional Staff

In collaboration with the Gerontech Platform and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, concerned guided tours (for therapist, nurse and social worker) will be conducted on-site to facilitate exchange and enhance their understanding of the application of the latest gerontech products.  Details of registration will be available soon.


Summit will be held mainly in the form of a webinar from 2 -4 November.  Over 30 local and overseas speakers have been invited to present on specific topics.  The programme rundown has been uploaded to the event website.  Registration will be opened in September.

Should you have any queries, please email us at [email protected]  or call 3705 5336 for more information.

GIES Official Website: www.gies.hk

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