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The Hong Kong Council of Service consists of two member categories, namely Agency Members and Life Members. As of March 2023, there are 68 Life Members (application for Life Membership has been closed since September 2001) and over 510 Agency Members. Among the Agency Members, approximately 30% are receiving regular subventions from the Social Welfare Department (subvented agencies), while the remaining 70%, most of which are relatively small, are primarily supported by various charity funds and the commercial sector, along with donations from individuals. For more details, please refer to the “Membership Register”.

Directory of Social Service Organizations in Hong Kong is an online database that contains updated information of over 510 local social service organizations, including their objects, missions, descriptions on services, governance structures, annual expenses, performance highlights and future plans. The publication of these materials demonstrates the accountability and transparency of the Sector with regard to governance and utilization of resources. Readers of the Directory should be able to have a glimpse of the collective strength that local social service organizations are building up. It is hoped that all walks of life in the community could learn more about the works being performed by the social service organizations of Hong Kong.

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The information of organizations contained in Directory of Social Service Organizations in Hong Kong is self-provided and uploaded to the data base by the respective organizations. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service bears no responsibility with regard to the completeness, accuracy and use of such information, etc. For enquiries related to the information of organizations provided in the Directory, please contact the organizations concerned direct.

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