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HKCSS x CTgoodsjobs NGO Web-site

HKCSS and CTgoodjobs have jointly established Hong Kong’s first recruitment website for social service since 2013. The Website provides information of the job market and opportunities in social service to job seekers. In the past year, there was a significant increase of viewers, reaching an average hit rate of 1,350,000 per month from a total of around 20,000 job seekers. With our three years’ effort and the support from over a hundred organisations, the Website is effectively facilitating job seekers to enter the field of social service. A click on our Website proves to be a good move for those in the new generation looking for a meaningful job.

CTgoodjobs offers special price to HKCSS member for job postings, with cost reduction up to 83% comparing with traditional newspaper advertisements. HKCSS expects members find it an effective and value-for-money option in their talent hunts.

While job posting remains the core of HKCSS x CTgoodjobs NGO, its contents will continuously be improved to attract more users. New contents for promoting the work of social service through diversified channels include:

  1. Feature Interview with Special Characters and Agency News
    • Providing opportunities for exposure of social service organizations to the general public; 
  2. One-stop Charity
    • Encouraging public charity support to services rendered by the social service sector
  3. Free Production of Promotional Banners
    • Linking NGO websites to HKCSS x CTgoodjobs NGO for convenient public access to agency missions, news and information of services provided.

A comprehensive and informative website can enhance public understanding towards different types of social service organizations. The success of HKCSS x CTgoodjobs NGO relies on the participation of agency members. HKCSS encourages members to explore and make use of the various functions on it, both for organizational promotion and for widening job seekers’ knowledge of the field. If you would like to know more about the Website, please visit

For agencies interested in providing information on their activities and services, please send it by the reply form to [email protected]

For enquiry on the Concesssionary Plan of HKCSS x CTgoodjobs NGO for HKCSS agency members, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Florence Yip, Programme Executive, at 2876 2459. 


Free Recruitment Advertisement on the Web-site of HKCSS

Free recruitment advertisement on the web-site of the HKCSS is offered to agency members. The details of the arrangement are as follows:

Restrictions of Recruitment text:

Agency Members should undertake to typeset and artwork design of the advertisement. Every advertisement should state clearly with the name, address or fax number of the agency, vacant posts, name and telephone number of the contact person (please refer the sample). The Council will not be responsible for any coordination work during the recruitment process.

Enquiries: Contact Human Resources Unit of Administration Department at 2864 2912. 

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