Joint Insurance Scheme

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Joint Insurance Scheme (JIS) provides a joint platform for Agency Members to enhance the bargaining power in purchasing insurance.  The scheme is affordable and easy to administer for NGOs.  JIS developed a one-stop service including but not limited to insurance placing arrangements, risk management workshops, a full rehabilitation management program[1] at the insurer’s cost and other value-added services. 


Core Insurance Schemes of JIS (Compulsory)

1. Employees’ Compensation Insurance (EC)

Agency Members, as employers, shall be responsible for the compensation payable under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and Common Law in Hong Kong in respect of injuries sustained by their employees as a result of an accident arising out of and in the course of employment or in respect of occupational diseases specified in the Ordinance suffered by the employees.  The insurance provides consistent coverage for all participating members, easy administration, full rehabilitation services, comprehensive consultancy services as well as risk and claims management and an online claim reporting system.

2. Public Liability Insurance (PL)

The insurance is designed to cover the Insured’s legal liability for third-party personal injury or property damage arising from daily service activities.

Non-core Insurance Schemes of JIS (Optional)

3. Voluntary Association Liability Insurance

During day-to-day operations, Agency’s board members or officials may face potential risks of incurring legal liability and third-party claims while providing social services. This insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage by combining directors’ & officers’ liability, professional indemnity and employment practice liability cover.

4. Voluntary Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance

Some Agency Members render medical, health care, and counselling services for their clients. This insurance provides coverage for Agencies’ medical and paramedical staff, such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, health workers, therapists, etc., to indemnify the members against legal liability arising out of malpractice allegations. 

Other Non-core Insurance Schemes of JIS (Optional) 

  5. Money All Risk

  6. Property All Risk

  7. Motor Vehicle

  8. Contractor All Risk – Owner Controlled Insurance Program

  9. Group Personal Accident

10. Product Liability

11. Cyber Liability

12. Group Medical

13. Voluntary Employee Benefit


For enquiry, please dial 2876 2412 to contact Membership Liaison and Service. 


Download JIS Questionnaire (Chinese version only)


[1] The key function of the rehabilitation management programme is to provide proactive and interactive services that can assist Agency Members in seeking improvement in injury prevention and claims management. As a result, significant cost would be saved without affecting employees’ morale, and a win-win solution for employers and employees could be achieved.

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