Membership Application

Agency Members

Social service organizations whose aims and objects are in harmony with those of the Council and providing as their primary function bona fide direct social services which meet the needs of the community. Organizations having an active interest in social service but not providing direct social service could apply for membership before November 8, 2019.

Life Members

Individuals who have been registered as Life Members prior to the date of September 27, 2001. (Application has been closed since September 2001)

Eligibility Criteria

According to Clause 15 of the Constitution of the Council, organizations wishing to apply for Agency Membership must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They should be an independent legal entity, or a trust corporation, or a registered society in Hong Kong;
  2. They must be a tax-exempted charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance;
  3. They must have been in operation for a period of at least two years;
  4. They must possess a Constitution or similar document of registration;
  5. They must make available their Annual Report and Audited Accounts or certified accounts with regards to annual income and expenditure;
  6. They must comply with such other conditions as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Admission Procedures

  1. Request an Application Form from the Council. It can also be downloaded from the Council’s website;
  2. To complete the Application Form and prepare all supporting documents as required; (Signatures of a nominator and a seconder who are Official Representatives of Member Agencies of the Council are mandatory in respective sections.)
  3. To send the completed Application Form with all supporting documents to Membership Liaison & Service, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong by hand or by mail. The procedure for processing applications is described in Policy on Membership Management Policy.


Download form

Membership Application Form

Form for Information Update for Change of Agency Head and Contact Information

Form for information update for Change of Official Representative of Agency Member

Updating Form of Life Member

Template for Simple Annual Report (For reference only)

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