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Children and youth at all ages are facing unorthodox challenges. We actively involve in children and youth development to safeguard their equal opportunities, options and respect. We advocate provision of social work service in pre-schools and express for students with special education needs.

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Click here to browse Centre for Excellence in Social Welfare
Click here to browse Centre for Excellence in Social Welfare

In response to rapidly changing social development, social welfare has always clenched pulse of the community, and constantly innovative and professional approach, providing a variety of high-quality social welfare services to meet the needs of different services. Among the industry’s accumulated expertise and practical wisdom, it is voluminous.

港講訴 Time to Heal」計劃
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香港社會服務聯會「港講訴 Time to Heal計劃,以「同行.共學.療癒」為題,希望與社群同行面對世局轉變,連結人才和資源回應社會需要,處理心理、精神創傷,築起一個促進家庭及社會對話的空間。

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