Organisation Structure


Organisation Structure

HKCSS operates on a 2-tier structure: a governing committee structure and a professional staff team. The Governing Committees steer the direction, development, hold oversight and accountability of HKCSS, while the staff team is responsible for the daily operation of the four core businesses in the pursuit of the mission and vision of the organisation.

The Governing Committee has 3 levels, including an Executive Committee, 2 Standing Committees and 4 Specialized Committees. Committee members are nominated and elected by Agency Members. Co-opted members are also invited to serve in the committees. The Executive Committee also sets up Steering Committees to govern related projects on a“need-to” basis.

The Executive Committee currently has 28 members, within which 16 were elected at annual general meetings, 3 from the Standing Committees and The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities, and 9 co-opted members. The Executive Committee includes office bearers of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Legal Adviser. The ExCo meets every two months, and Chief Executive and all business directors are required to attend.

The 2 Standing Committees oversee our core businesses: “Social Development”,  “Sector Development and Finance”. Under Social Development Standing Committee are 4 Specialized Committees on different areas of services and policies.

Moreover, 3 Strategy Committees have been setup to facilitate strategic development of the Council, including “Strategy Committee on Co-Creation”, “Strategy Committee on Talent Development” and “Strategy Committee on Tech-Enablement”. As for the staff team, the Chief Executive manages daily operations of the Council and reports to the Executive Committee. Under the Chief Executive, there are four business directors overseeing various business and working units.

HKCSS is also equipped with central administration, human resources and finance departments to provide professional assistance to the Chief Executive.

社聯的管治委員會 Governing Committee of HKCSS

1. 執行委員會 Executive Committee

2. 常設委員會 Standing Committee

2.1 社會發展常設委員會 Standing Committee on Social Development

2.2 業界發展及財務常設委員會 Standing Committee on Sector Development & Finance

3. 專責委員會 Specialized Committee

3.1 家庭及社區服務專責委員會 Specialized Committee on Family & Community Service

3.2 兒童及青少年服務專責委員會 Specialized Committee on Children & Youth Service

3.3 長者服務專責委員會 Specialized Committee on Elderly Service

3.4 復康服務專責委員會 Specialized Committee on Rehabilitation Service

4. 策略委員會 Strategy Committee

4.1 共創策略委員會 Strategy Committee on Co-Creation

4.2 人才發展策略委員會 Strategy Committee on Talent Development

4.3 善用科技策略委員會 Strategy Committee on Tech-Enablement

5. 督導委員會 Steering Committee

5.1 內地事務督導委員會 Steering Committee on Work in Mainland China

5.2 聯合保險計劃督導委員會 Steering Committee on Joint Insurance Scheme

5.3 團體退休/公積金計劃諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee on Group Retirement / Provident Fund Scheme

5.4 社聯發展基金 HKCSS Development Fund

5.5 非政府機構管治督導委員會 Steering Committee on NGO Governance

5.6 長者創新及科技諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee for Innovation and Technology for Ageing

5.7 社聯投資諮詢委員會 HKCSS Investment Advisory Committee

5.8 社會房屋督導委員會 Steering Committee of Social Housing

5.9 會籍申請諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee for Membership Application

5.10 樂齡科技平台督導委員會 Steering Committee on Gerontechnology Platform

5.11 賽馬會「a家」樂齡科技教育及租賃服務督導委員會 Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service Steering Committee


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