Rights & Obligations


  • Rights to Elect and be Elected to Council’s Committees
      1. General Meeting
        • All Agency Members and Life Members of the Council shall enjoy rights of membership to avail themselves of the facilities of the Council and to attend, to nominate, to elect, and to be elected at the general meetings of the Council.
      2. Executive Committee
        • The official representative of Agency Members and Life Members shall have the rights to nominate and to elect members of the Executive Committee of the Council
        • Any persons who are current members of the Board or other similar bodies or paid staff of Agency Members and Life Members shall have the rights to be nominated and to be elected as member of the Executive Committee provided that only one person from each Agency Member may be so nominated and elected at the same election.
      3. Standing Committees
        • The Executive Committee may from time to time as it deems necessary set up Standing Committees within the Council. The composition and size of the Standing Committees shall be decided by the Executive Committee.
        • The election of the Standing Committee shall be held during the Annual General Meeting. Only one representative from the same Agency Member shall be nominated to become member of the same Standing Committee.
  • Obligations of Members

All Agency Members are required to fulfill the following obligations:

    1. To submit copies of their annual reports after the end of their financial year;
    2. To submit copies of their audited accounts or certified accounts with regards to annual income and expenditure after the end of their financial year;
    3. To pay annual membership fees
      • Fees for membership shall be payable annually on the first day of April in such amounts as shall be from time to time determined by the Executive Committee. Fees are payable within thirty days upon approval of membership in the full amount with the exception that successful applicants admitted after the thirtieth day of September in any year shall be liable to one-half of the appropriate amount for that year ending on the following thirty-first day of March.
      • No membership fees are liable to be refunded unless in the opinion of the Executive Committee there is good and sufficient cause to do so. The Executive Committee has the right in exceptional circumstances to allow a Member to pay an amount smaller than the currently payable fee.
    4. Members are also requested and expected to take up the following obligations:

      • To take part in the work of or serve as members in the various levels of Committees or Task Groups of the Council;
      • To participate in Council’s meetings and to exercise rights in elections;
      • To contribute towards fulfilling the aims and objectives of the Council
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