Public Services (2020-21)

HKCSS represents the sector in 47 committees of the government, public institutions and international organisations


社會政策 Social Policy

扶貧委員會 Commission on Poverty

  • 關愛基金專責小組 Community Care Fund Task Force
  • 社會創新及創業發展基金專責小組 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force

選舉委員會 Election Commission

  • 社會福利界 Social Welfare Sector

社會福利服務 Social Welfare Service

勞工及福利局 Labour & Welfare Bureau

  • 社會福利諮詢委員會 Social Welfare Advisory Committee
  • 安老事務委員會 Elderly Commission
  • 康復諮詢委員會 Rehabilitation Advisory Committee
    • 推廣手語工作小組 Working Group on Promoting Sign Language
  • 社區投資共享基金(基金)委員會 Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) Committee
  • 安老照顧業技能提升計劃Elderly Care Skills Upgrading Scheme

社會福利署 Social Welfare Department

  • 整筆撥款督導委員會 Lump Sum Grant Steering Committee
  • 優化整筆撥款津助制度檢討專責小組 Task Force for Review on Enhancement of Lump Sum Grant Subvention System
  • 虐老問題工作小組 Working Group of Elderly Abuse
  • 防止虐待兒童委員會 Committee on Child Abuse
  • 寄養服務工作小組 Foster Care Service Operations Group
  • 兒童院護服務發展委員會 Residential Child Care Services Development Committee
  • 邊緣青少年服務委員會 Committee on Services for Youth at Risk
  • 「共創成長路– 賽馬會社區青少年培育計劃」諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee on P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement
  • 攜手扶弱基金諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee of the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged
  • 關注親密伴侶暴力及成年人性暴力工作小組 Working Group on Combating Intimate Partner Violence and Adult Sexual Violence

保安局 Security Bureau

  • 青少年罪犯問題常務委員會 Standing Committee on Young Offenders of Fright Crime Committee
  • 禁毒常務委員會- 戒毒治療及康復小組委員會 Sub-committee on Treatment and Rehabilitation, Action Committee Against Narcotics

民政 Home Affairs

民政事務局 Home Affairs Bureau

  • 華人廟宇委員會社區服務小組 Community Services Working Group, The Chinese Temples Committee

香港警務處 HK Police Force

  • 耆樂警訊中央諮詢委員會 Senior Police Call Central Advisory Board

地政,房屋及交通 Lands, Housing & Transportation

發展局 Development Bureau

  • 土地及建設諮詢委員會 Land and Development Advisory Committee

運輸及房屋局 Transport and Housing Bureau

  • 上訴委員會(房屋) Appeal Panel (Housing)

巿區重建局 Urban Renewal Authority

  • 覆核委員會 URA Review Committee

油尖旺區議會Yau Tsim Mong District Council

  • 房屋事務委員會Housing Committee

香港房屋委員會 Hong Kong Housing Authority

  • 資助房屋小組委員會 Subsidized Housing Committee

教育及培訓 Education & Training

教育局 Education Bureau

  • 校本課後學習及支援計劃審批委員會 The School-based After-School Learning and Support Programmes Vetting Committee

僱員再培訓局 Employees Retraining Board

  • 健康護理業行業諮詢網絡 Health Care Industry Consultative Network

職業訓練局 Vocational Training Council

  • 兒童及安老照顧業訓練工作小組 Working Group on Child and Elderly Care Industrial Training

香港恒生大學The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

  • 亞洲研究(榮譽)社會科學學士課程諮詢委員會Advisory Committee of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Asian Studies programme

嶺南大學 Lingnan University

  • 比較社會政策(國際)社會科學碩士諮詢委員會Advisory Board for Master of Social Sciences in Comparative Social Policy (International)

香港浸會大學 Hong Kong Baptist University

  • 社會工作系顧問委員會 Department of Social Work Advisory Committee

香港中文大學 The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 社會工作學系諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee of the Department of Social Work

香港理工大學 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • 應用社會科學系顧問委員會 Advisory Committee on Applied social Sciences
  • 生物醫學工程學顧問委員會 Advisory Committee for the Department of Biomedical Engineering

醫療衞生 Medical and Health

食物及衞生局 Food & Health Bureau

  • 基層醫療健康發展督導委員會 Steering Committee on Primary Healthcare Development
  • 精神健康諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee on Mental Health
  • 器官捐贈推廣委員會 Committee on Promotion of Organ Donation

衞生署 Department of Health

  • 人體器官移植委員會 Human Organ Transplant Board

醫院管理局 Hospital Authority

  • 九龍西聯網研究倫理委員會 Research Ethics Committee, Kowloon West Cluster

香港愛滋病顧問局 Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS

環保 Environmental Protection

環境及自然保育基金 Environment and Conservation Fund

  • 節能項目審批小組 Energy Conservation Projects Vetting Sub-committee

法定機構及公民社會 Statutory Bodies & Civil Society

香港老年學會 Hong Kong Association of Gerontology

  • 安老院舍評審計劃諮詢委員會 Accreditation Body Advisory Committee

社會創新 Social Innovation

民政事務局Home Affairs Bureau

  • 社會企業諮詢委員會 Social Enterprise Advisory Committee

傳媒及廣播 Mass Media & Broadcasting

電影、報刊及物品管理辦事處 Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration

  • 《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》相關宣傳及公眾教育活動資助計劃評審委員會 Control of obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO) Subsidising Scheme Vetting Committee

國際組織 International Organisations

國際社會福利協會東北亞分會North East Asia Region, International Council on Social Welfare



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