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Rules on Usage of Logo

Agency Members of the Council that wish to publicly identify themselves as members of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service are welcomed to display the Agency Membership Logo (“the Logo”) on their letterheads, envelops, websites and promotional materials such as posters, leaflets and banners, on condition that the following rules are observed.

  1. 1. Agency Members, including service units under their administration, do not need to obtain prior consent from the Council for using the Logo. If any misuse is known to the Council, advice or warnings will be issued and Agency Member concerned will be required to rectify or cease the use of the Logo within a specified time.
  2. When using the Logo, the appearance of the Agency Member’s name (or its abbreviation) or the agency logo, must be more prominent than the Logo. It is recommended that the size (as measured by its area) of the Logo should be no larger than 60% of the image of the Agency Member ’s name (or its abbreviation) or the agency logo.
  3. Display of the Logo in any part of the signature section of email correspondence is prohibited.
  4. Display of the Logo only indicates the organization concerned is an Agency Member of the Council. It does not imply that any services or products of the organization have been approved, endorsed or provided by the Council. No organizations shall use the Logo to suggest, or create an impression explicitly or implicitly, that their services or products have been approved, endorsed or provided by the Council.
  5. The subjects of the promotional materials on which the Logo is exhibited must be legitimate and not ill-intended. It must not contain unhealthy, erroneous, fraudulent, libelous, discriminating or insulting elements.
  6. Organizations associated with an Agency Member, including parents, subsidiaries and affiliated organizations, are not entitled to use the Logo.
  7. Once the membership of an Agency Member is self-withdrawn, or temporarily suspended or terminated by the Council, the organization’s right to use the Logo shall automatically be withheld. Under these circumstances, the usage of the Logo must be discontinued.
  8. The Council has the sole power to determine if an Agency Member violates the Rules on Usage of Agency Membership Logo and to demand its cessation or correction. The Council has the final and binding authority on the interpretation of the Rules.

For enquiries concerning the use of the Agency Membership Logo, please contact:
Membership Liaison and Service
Tel: (852) 2864 2985
Email: [email protected]


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