“Like other Hong Kong ladies, I am also a working mum. Even with the help of a domestic helper, I have two children to take care of. Ultimately, I have to balance work and family, and my responsibilities as a mum can be substantial.” Ms Alison Yeung, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Sun Hung Kai & CO. Limited, said.

“The company risks losing its talents if it is unable to come to terms with work-life balance. Staff may feel strained, and might even resign to take care of their family. I don’t think this is the outcome that the company wants.” Ms Samantha Che, Head of People & Culture, Sun Hung Kai & CO. Limited, said.

As a member of the financial industry, Sun Hung Kai & CO. Limited has long been commended by the HKCSS Caring Company Scheme. In terms of employee care, the company offers flexible working hours, “Work From Home” and family-friendly policies such as upgraded staff and family medical insurance. Employees can take care of their families anytime, especially during the pandemic, so that they can stay at home with their elders and children whose classes are suspended. Further, the company has even innovated with the“Unlimited Paid Leave” policy.

The dream of working caregivers – Unlimited Paid Leave is no longer a myth

In the view of Alison, school activities often take place during the week in Hong Kong. As mums, being unable to join these activities can be regretful, because one misses out on their children’s development, health, education and so on. With Unlimited Paid Leave, the employees can apply for leave without worries. Such as when the children are sick or when there are school activities. As long as they fulfill the responsibilities at work, the company supports their application for leave during weekdays, The“Unlimited Paid Leave” policy is a flexibility, but it does not mean that employees can take advantage of it irresponsibly. The company places trust on its employees to have their own professional judgment. 

Samantha said that the “Unlimited Paid Leave” is an innovation in the market. There are a few intentions; they want to be adjustable and flexible in carrying out the policy. When the employees need to apply for leave, they do not need to worry how many days they have left. For occasions such as marriage, house moving and birthday celebration, the employees can apply for longer leave without worrying about their quota. At the same time, they do not need to worry about “clearing out” paid leave at the end of the year, or feel pressured to work at home while they were on leave at the end of the year. The attitude that the company adopt is that employees should take leave when they need to. They will be able to apply for paid leave no matter the circumstance. What they value the most is the work performance of our employees. There are no losses to us when our employees feel trusted by the company. When everyone is happier, the productivity and engagement will be improved.


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