Kerry Group and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) are joining hands again to ride out the 2nd round of Anti-Pandemic Charity Fund for the Unemployed, in support of those families or individuals who have recently become unemployed or underemployed as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each eligible household will receive a one-off subsidy ranging from HKD 4,000 to HKD 12,000 to address their pressing needs.

Target: Families who have become unemployed or seriously underemployed
Subsidy amount:

HKD 4,000 for each eligible one-person household

HKD 8,000 for each eligible two-to-four-person household

HKD 12,000 for each five-person-or-more household

Estimated number of beneficiaries: Around 500 families


Applicants who meet the below criteria are eligible: (QUOTA FULL)

  • Hong Kong resident
  • Non-CSSA household recipient
  • Monthly household income before the epidemic (Dec of 2019) was lower than 75% of HK’s median monthly domestic household income (Table 1)
  • Unemployed or under-employed at present, household income in May 2020 was lower than 50% of the monthly household income upper limits of Working Family Allowances (Full-rate) (Table 2)
  • Have not received any financial assistance from other subsidy programmes in the past three months, which includes:
    • Baring Private Equity Asia COVID-19 Relief Fund
    • Community Care Fund – Cash allowances to help unemployed and underemployed
    • The Community Chest Anti-NCP Rainbow Fund
    • DAB Caring Fund “Caring for You” Campaign
    • The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) Love Upgrading Special Scheme
    • Anti-Pandemic Charity Fund for the Unemployed and Support Scheme for Self-Employed Youths by Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited
    • The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (HKFTU) Unemployment Emergency Fund
    • Power of Love – Anti epidemic Unemployment Subsidy Scheme
    • Standard Chartered HKCSS Subdivided Unit Subsidy Programme etc.


Table 1: Monthly household income limit before the epidemic (Dec of 2019) – 75% of HK’s median monthly domestic household income 

Household Size

Monthly household income limit before the epidemic (HK$)













Table 2: Monthly household income limit in May of 2020

Household Size

Monthly household income limit in May 2020 (HK$)














Application Period:

  • Telephone appointment will only be accepted commencing 10:00a.m., from 18 June 2020 (Thursday) to 3 July 2020. First-come-first-served until the quota is FULL.


Application Process: 

  • Interested parties should call the Programme hotline 28642945 to make appointment booking in advance. Upon appointment made, there will be arrangement of filling out the application form.
    (The hotline is open from Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 1:00pm; 2:00pm to 5:30pm)
  • Appointment will only be made by telephone only.


Once the appointment is confirmed, please bring along the following documents:

  • Identity documents of you and your household member(s) who live together. For those family members who are aged under 11 must provide the proof of identity such as valid travel document / passport / recent school documents (e.g. student hand book or school record card) with a certified photograph, and 
  • Proof of address issued within the last 3 months (Bill such as electricity bill, water bill, tax payment, or document issued by the Hong Kong government, public organisations, telecommunications suppliers or Hong Kong banks) , and 
  • Income proofs of you and your household member(s) (Income proof for December 2019 and May 2020), and 
  • Your passbook or bank statement 
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