Due to population ageing, one out of eight people in Hong Kong ages 65 or above. 

The World Trade Organization is giving impetus to the concept of ‘Aging and Elderly Friendly City’ in recent years. It is to build an inter-generational harmony society applying the concepts of ‘the angle of elderly’, ‘the participations of elderly’, and ‘suitable for elderly’.  

Wish to build up a friendly and respectful environment for the elderly?  
Wish to link up with different stakeholders in the society?  
Wish to encourage the elderly around you to discover more on social participation?  

In the Social Innovation Networking,  Impact Incubator invited three of our friends from the social welfare sector to share their valuable experiences on innovation and project incubation.   


** Lee Tin Yan, Service Coordinator of The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council **  
Last year, a photo with dim-sum in Cantonese restaurant went viral in the internet. It was a project by The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, turning the service centre into elderly’s favorite Cantonese restaurant with old-school style dim-sum karts, letting the elderly to enjoy teas and foods under the pandemic.  


**Herman Chan Ho Man, founder of Eldpathy**  
Herman opened up an Online Interactive Workshop which allows the elderly to learn and teach during the pandemic. Elderly tutors guide participants step by step in order to let them feel and understand the deterioration of physical function of the elderly.  


** Dr. MO Kar Him, Co-founder of Project Hap Sap (Assistant Professor from School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)**  

Everyone involves in city planning and development. The Project Hap Sap recruited the elderly and trained them to be the assessor on city planning. The project also encourages them to build up a society that belongs to everyone.  


Impact Incubator would like to invite you to join this networking event. Together, we build a harmony city!  


Details for the networking event:  

Date: 29 Jan 2021 (Fri)  

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm  

Format: Online webinar via Zoom (Please ensure you have a stable internet connection and a suitable environment to join the session)  

Target: Social enterprise practitioners, social innovators, social service organizations and related organizations (Priority given to Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) grantee projects)  

Capacity: 40 (First come , First Serve) 

Language: Cantonese  

Fee: Free Admission  

RSVP: Register Online

Enquiry: Ms Priscilla Wong (2876 2495; [email protected]

Please register online on or before 26 January, 2021 (Tuesday). Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email by 27 January, 2021 (Wednesday). 

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