The Council is an equal opportunities employer, will operate its employment policy in a way that individuals will be selected, appointed, promoted, developed and treated on the basis of the consistent selection criteria i.e. the job requirement as set out in the conditions of appointment for the respective staff ranges, as well as criteria as laid down in job position. 

There shall be equality of opportunity in access to Council facilities and services.  Wherever reasonably practicable, arrangements will be made to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same facilities as others.

The Council encourages applications from all applicants with a disability. Candidates are strongly advised to inform the Council if they have a disability in any way. It should be emphasized that, under existing Council equal opportunity policy, no candidate will be discriminated in any way on grounds of disability. The Council asks candidates to provide this information so that, if they are admitted, it can ensure that the necessary facilities are available.

An applicant with disability who meets the entry requirements for the post concerned will not be subject to any shortlisting criteria and will be automatically invited to attend the selection interview.

Click here to download HKCSS “Policy on employing disabled persons”

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