Thanks to the support from companies, organisations and various stakeholders, there were approximately 5,300 nominations being received in the Caring Company Nomination 2023/24. Out of these, 4,210 companies and organisations have been successfully awarded the “Caring Company” or “Caring Organisation” logos.

Entering into 2024, the “Caring Company Scheme”  has already been organized for 22 years, we recognise the growing global attention towards sustainable development and the increasing expectations towards the business sector to raise its commitment and participation. In response, we are committed to reviewing, optimizing and formulating the Scheme’s future direction with the goal to maintain the relevancy of the Scheme in accordance to market trends and evolving needs of our society in terms of sustainable development. Furthermore, we seek to play a leading role in collaborating with stakeholders on this sustainability journey.

The revamping process will be executed in phases. Phase One, scheduled for 2024, will focus on enhancing the application mechanism, nomination procedures, and the functionality of the online nomination system. Phase Two, set for 2025, will address aspects such as assessment criteria and the recognition mechanism, among others.

Consequently, we plan to extend the open period of the Caring Company applications/nominations for the 2024/25 until the first quarter of 2025. Further details will be announced by or before the fourth quarter of 2024. Please stay tuned for our updates.

We look forward to co-creating with all shareholders through the “Caring Company Scheme” and joining forces to establish a caring, inclusive and sustainable community.

For any enquiries about the Caring Company Scheme, you are welcome contact our team by the following ways:

WhatsApp: 2864 2966 (text message only)
Email: [email protected]

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