In order to safeguard NGOs from being misused for terrorist financing, the Security Bureau would like to draw NGOs’ attention to the Gazette with an updated list of terrorists and terrorist associates published by the United Nations.

NGOs are strongly encouraged to check the names of donors/beneficiary organisations against the name list when they deal with charities or fund raising activities so as to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing. For example, simply key in “Foundation” by using the “Find” function to search throughout the name list. Organisations named with “Foundation” will be highlighted. 

Please note: 

(1) Terrorists and terrorist associates may adopt very common or fake names to participate illegal activities, such as money laundering or terrorist financing etc. Please be alert in handling donations or transactions. 

(2) Terrorists and terrorist associates are not only located or operated in the regions which are facing terror threats, but also in the regions that may have potential of terror threats or may not have any sign of terror threats.

Documents download: Remarks

1. List of terrorists or terrorist associates designated
    by Committees of the United Nations Security Council

Gazette published on 2023/01/17

2. List of individuals, groups, undertakings and entities published
    under the United Nations Sanctions Regulation

Updated on 2023/01/29

3. An Advisory Guideline on Preventing the Misuse of Charities for Terrorist Financing

Updated as of September 2018

4. Checklist for identifying terrorist financing risks  

If NGOs identify any suspicious donations or transactions, please report the cases to the Joint Financial Intelligence Unit (JFIU) through the following ways :

By e-reporting system : complete the application form (Download) and return to JFIU either by fax at (+852) 2529 4013 or email to [email protected].

  • By Email: [email protected] 
  • By Fax : (+852) 2529 4013
  • By mail : addressed to Joint Financial Intelligence Unit, GPO Box 6555 Hong Kong
  • By telephone: (+852) 2866 3366 (for urgent reports during office hours)

For more details, please visit JFIU’s website (

Relevant advisory guideline on preventing the misuse of NGOs for terrorist financing could also be found in the following website for reference:

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