Social issues concerning gender often involve problems such as gender equality, identity, roles and discrimination. These often generate life-long impacts on the development of individuals, shaping their gender roles and expectations on personal development, social relationship and social development.

As gender issues involve discussion related to personal identity and societal values, the public may not be aware of the gender biases in their everyday life practices.  We thus attempt to organize a Social Research and Advocacy Salon inviting Mr. Alvin Chung, Ms. Jacinta Yu, Ms. Fiona Yuen, and Ms. Steph Ng as speakers to share their insights and experiences in raising public awareness of gender-related agenda.


Ms. Steph Ng, Founder and Executive Director,  Body Banter

Mr. Alvin Chung, Senior Development Officer, Hong  Kong Federation of Women’s centres

Ms. Jacinta Yu, Development Officer, Hong Kong Federation of Women’s centres

Ms. Fiona Yuen, Head of Department (YWCA       Movement), YWCA

Date:            16 April 2024 (Tuesday)

Time:            1500 – 1700

Quota:           35

Venue:        Room 201, Duke Of Windsor          Social Services Building, 15 Hennessey Road, Wan Chai

Participants:  Colleagues of agency members

Content:         Please refer to rundown (Chinese version only)


Please register on or before 12th April, 2024 (Friday)We will send a confirmation email on or before 15th April, 2024 (Monday). For enquiries, please contact Ms. Connie CHEN via [email protected] or at 2864-2963. Thank you!


Encl: Rundown of salon (Chinese only)

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