Formulate and Implement Anti-sexual Harassment Guideline Workshop – Creating Protected Working Environment, enroll now!


The Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) organized a seminar in January 2024 to enhance participants’ understanding of the Sex Discrimination Ordinance. To provide further support to NGOs, EOC and HKCSS are collaborating to host an advance workshop for NGO practitioners. This workshop aims to assist in the development and implementation of better anti-sexual harassment policies, supporting NGOs in creating a safe environment for their staff, volunteers and service recipients.


Participants need to fulfill the following 3 requirements:
1.    NGO practitioners
2.    a) Participated in the webinar on 30 Jan 2024 hosted by HKCSS Institute and EOC on Anti-Sexual Harassment OR
       b) Participated in workshop related to Anti-Sexual Harassment (Need provide date of the workshop and name of organizer)
3.    Submission of the organization/centre’s anti-sexual harassment guideline or policy is required

Participants shall complete the followings by the due date: 5 July 2024 (Fri)
1.    Fill in the application form
2.    Submit Anti-Sexual Harassment guidelines via email to [email protected]

The workshop is on a first come first serve basis (finishes the above two actions).


Enquiries: 2876 2423 or [email protected]

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