Application period:
From 1th March to 12th April 2024



With the funding HKD18 million from The Hongkong Bank Foundation in 2024, the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme (CPP) continues to drive innovative district-based initiatives to disadvantaged groups, fostering community growth, cooperation with social inclusion and building a sustainable and resource-efficient future.


  • Support innovative district-based community initiatives across 18 districts in Hong Kong, help disadvantaged communities build resilience and become future-ready and promote green thinking and sustainable living.
  • Funding focuses: Youth or Elderly, and their carers. In addition, cross-generational inclusion initiatives are welcome.
  • Innovative projects with the following characteristics will be prioritised:
    • Enhancing direct service for disadvantaged groups

    • Collaborating with social enterprises

    • Promotion of volunteering (including volunteers from HSBC)

  • Donation for each project ranging from HKD200,000 to HKD700,000; Project duration up to 12 months.


Applicants must be non-profit organisations registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap112) for at least 3 years. Applications from individuals and commercial ventures will not be considered.

For details, please visit:
For enquiries, please email: [email protected]

* The Guideline for the Use of Personal Data is available on the Website and can be viewed at:

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