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Sustainable solutions and the development of society require in depth and reliable researches. We strive to recommend the most appropriate policies that are well-researched with adequate data and facts. Research results are reviewed and discussed amongst our fellow members and stakeholders of all backgrounds. Our current research and advocacy focuses include poverty, social security, employment, housing and social development. Our Poverty and Social Security unit is a dedicated team working on poverty issues and the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship was specially established to promote social enterprise.

What’s New

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Poverty Information Web provides information related to poverty situation in Hong Kong for the public, researchers, social service professionals, teachers and students; it is an information platform that promotes public education with database on related researches and policy advocacy works.

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Social Development Index (SDI) is aimed at measuring social development in Hong Kong through establishing an objective and scientific sound system of indicators. While the Index is constructed based on a selected set of a few dozens indicators, the whole project is backed by a large databank of social statistics, consisting of about 400 social indicators grouped into different development domains or population groups.

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In response to rapidly changing social development, social welfare has always clenched pulse of the community, and constantly innovative and professional approach, providing a variety of high-quality social welfare services to meet the needs of different services. Among the industry’s accumulated expertise and practical wisdom, it is voluminous.

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