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發布日期: 2024-02-29
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Keywords that come to your mind associated with “ESG”

In the previous issue, we collected keywords that come to our readers’ minds when people associate with “ESG”. Some think of co-creation, while others think of investment and business considerations, and the majority associate it with Sustainability. In the previous ESG Trivia, we introduced these two concepts, ESG and Sustainability, and highlighted that while they are frequently used interchangeably, they have distinct differences in their core essence. Nonetheless, these concepts can bring new opportunities for companies. How would you seize these opportunities?


Connect the dots through Art Releasing Emotions and Stress

Due to language barriers and cultural differences, elderlies from ethnic minority groups in Hong Kong have had limited access to emotional support services and life-and-death education. ‘The Art of Life Journey’ Expressive Arts Therapy Multi-Ethnics Active Aging Community Scheme by the Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center seeks to fill this gap for both ethnic minority and Chinese elderlies, as well as their caretakers, through the use of expressive arts therapies and life-and-death education.

The project will collaborate with other NGOs, to encourage cultural exchange between ethnic minority and Chinese elderlies, creating an inclusive relationship among the community. Participants from various background including Nepal, Pakistan and India, although they speak different languages, they use to wear floral clothing. The therapist takes this as a theme, using art creation as their common language. Participants are encouraged to create a flower for themselves, expressing their inner feelings and releasing life’s pressures.


Art as a medium to brng communities together

Through the “NGO Changemakers Incubation Scheme”, 5 changemakers experienced that art is the easiest medium to connect with people – without restrictions, without barriers, and anyone can be an artist.

To provide the changemakers with an opportunity to experience the charm of art and promote the potential for cross-disciplinary innovation, they jointly applied for the “Prototype Fund” of the scheme, inviting local artists to engage in a cross-disciplinary activity – sharing innovative artistic methods of community engagement through the artist’s perspective. It is hoped that the event will serve as an opportunity for cross-disciplinary co-creation, and we will witness more innovative ideas for bringing the community together through the arts in the future.



Promoting active participation of SMEs in sustainability

The globally prominent issue of sustainable development has garnered widespread attention. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face various challenges in implementing related strategies, including limited resources, insufficient expertise, and cost pressures. These obstacles often leave many SMEs feeling overwhelmed in this field.

However, the HSBC Living Business Award, jointly organised by HSBC, HKCSS and the Business Environmental Council, plays a crucial role in recognising outstanding achievements in sustainable development among SMEs and serving as a model for businesses in Hong Kong. We are delighted to witness an increasing number of SMEs actively engaging in sustainable development practices and working collaboratively to build a sustainable city. Please click here to explore successful examples of the Award 2023.


Invitation to Finale event of PRAISE

Have you ever thought about that anyone may become an ethnic minority?

It depends on where you are!

Why are there minorities? Because there is a relative majority.

Which ethnic minorities are there in Hong Kong? How much do you know about them?

We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition at the finale event of PRAISE. The exhibition showcases the experiences of ethnic minority ambassadors who have expressed their journeys and visions of Hong Kong through their paintings. Additionally, there will  be exhibits that introduce the diverse cultures of ethnic minorities. Through our collective efforts and mutual understanding, we hope to create a more inclusive society where everyone can develop their potential and achieve their dreams.

Date: 2-5 Mar 2024 (Sat – Tue)

Location: 2/F 24-hour Passageway, Central Market

Theme: Dream Big Make Change



ESG Trivia

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as Business Opportunities?
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collective of 17 global goals, unanimously adopted by all Member States of the United Nations in 2015. These global goals represent a universal call to action to end poverty, combat climate change, and work collectively to overcome the major challenges impeding the world’s sustainable development by 2030.

Far from being limited to the realm of national policy, the SDGs are intrinsically linked to the business sector. They reveal business and investment opportunities by highlighting future development directions and societal needs. The SDGs provide a structured framework for stakeholders from different sectors and the general public to collaborate in creating a brighter, more sustainable future for humanity and the planet.

The 17 SDGs break down into 169 measurable targets, with the UN releasing annual progress reports outlining the world’s advances and set-backs toward these global goals. Key Member States, including China, track and disclose their progress on the SDGs at the national level. In a 2020 report, China published a comprehensive analysis comparing and ranking the SDG performances of 90 Chinese cities. These data provide valuable insights for businesses to take reference from when formulating strategies pertinent to markets, products, and investments.

As we approach the 2030 deadline with just five years remaining, business models and technologies aimed at bridging the gaps in the SDGs become increasingly attractive business opportunities. For instance, with progress on Goal 13 on Climate Action falling short, there is a concerted effort from the international community, national governments, and investors to accelerate funding to drive the realisation of this crucial goal.

James Chan,

Co-founder, PIE Strategy

(The above ESG Trivia is provided by PIE Strategy, the Knowledge & Strategy Partner of the Caring Company Scheme.)



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