The first Modular Social Housing in Hong Kong, Nam Cheong 220, has been occupied for one year. When there is social housing in the community where you live, what do the neighborhoods think about social housing? Negative? Positive? Affect public order? Home Sweet Home for grassroots? Or share the community?

Ms. Chui: We all know that the living environment is despicable in subdivided units. If there is a better place for them to live temporarily, then this (transitional social housing) is a good stuff.

Student Wong: I don’t think so (negative). We cannot judge a book by its cover. We cannot say they adversely affect public safety because they are poor. They are poor, but in good nature. Being poor is not necessary to affect public order.

Ms. Ho: Actually I do not think it creates a negative image. It looks great. I think the grassroots need a decent environment. The grassroots need to obtain support, and then have an opportunity to climb up the ladder. When they move from a poor environment to a better environment, this requires us to help them look for decent environment. If a household has kids, they can study in this better environment. It is definitely better than doing in subdivided unit.

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