In order to get the practitioners of the sector to know the Council’s latest research findings and recommendations in a precise and concise manner, the Council has endeavored to publish Research Brief from time to time.  A new Research Brief Issue 3 and 4 for the year of 2020-2021 has just been published, introducing research titled “Analysis of Unemployment and Underemployment” and “Hong Kong Social Development Index (SDI) 2020”.

Each research brief covers basic background of the core issue and policy significance of the research, followed by research objectives, research methods adopted and key research findings, so that readers are able to capture the key findings for reference. For further enquiries of research, please contact the respective officer based on the contact information provided in the Research Brief.

Please feel free to access the latest research (Chinese only) conducted by the Council

Issue 3: Analysis of Unemployment and Underemployment

Issue 4: Hong Kong Social Development Index (SDI) 2020

For enquiries on collection of research information and our publications, please contact Miss Connie Chen by email [email protected] or at 2864 2963.

Thank you.

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