The government has recently proposed a new framework for poverty alleviation, targeting specific groups and implementing measures to measure the effectiveness of poverty alleviation from multiple perspectives. Many social services are aimed at impoverished individuals, and the social service sector is also responsible for operating various poverty alleviation projects. However, the response from the social service sector to the new poverty alleviation framework seems to be limited.

This issue of the policy bulletin introduces various concepts and tools for defining poverty, as well as how different countries formulate poverty alleviation goals and policies. It also uses the example of a community space to showcase existing community resources, and invited a former member of the Commission on Poverty to provide ten major poverty alleviation recommendations in light of the current situation of poverty in Hong Kong.

Please click here to download Issue 35 Policy Bulletin.

For enquiries or to get a hard copy, please contact Ms Rainbow Lok, Officer, Policy Research and Advocacy at [email protected] or 2876 2473.

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