The healthcare delivered in the wake of the pandemic has further entrenched the pre-existing disparities between Ethnic Minorities and Chinese. To address these concerning disparities, our Working Group on Pandemic-related issues for Ethnic Minorities (2022-2023) has organized an upcoming capacity training for healthcare professionals. 

According to the surveys*, there is a significantly high portion of Ethnic Minorities suffer from 1) obesity, 2) high blood pressure, and 3) high blood glucose. For example, Department of Health data shows that about 25% of female in the Hong Kong general population is obese, and community organizations working with ethnic minority estimated the equivalent figure for ethnic 
minority female to be about 50 – 70%. Ethnic minority patients with diabetes are younger and more obese and have worse glycemic control. The physical health among Ethnic Minorities is worrying that chronic disease management and disease prevention needs to be critically addressed for this community. 

The mental health among Ethnic Minorities also requires our attention as it is estimated that 44,000 Ethnic Minorities may be suffering from mental health issues with the urgent need for support*. Poverty, domestic and child abuse, and forced and arranged marriage are factors complicating Ethnic Minorities’ mental health. Like Chinese, Ethnic Minorities also have other factors affecting their health condition. Therefore, three breakout rooms will be arranged to discuss the assessment and follow-up on Ethnic Minorities’ physical health, mental health, and other health concerns. 

Lastly, since language and communication barriers can affect the amount and quality of health care received, the available translation and interpretation services will also be introduced. While cultural diversity will be presented by Ethnic Minority Social Workers to address the community’s unique healthcare needs, the practice wisdom in engaging Ethnic Minorities will be shared by our frontline operators for enhanced patient engagement. 

The story of the pandemic ends now, and the training for healthcare professionals in serving Ethnic Minorities should kick start right away. Therefore, we would like to cordially invite healthcare professionals to attend this training session called Capacity training for healthcare professionals in serving Ethnic Minorities and enhance the cultural competence, knowledge, and practical skills in serving Ethnic Minorities together. 

Capacity training for healthcare professionals in serving Ethnic Minorities  

  • Date: April 18th, 2023 (Tuesday) 
  • Time: 10:00-13:00  
  • Venue: Zoom  
  • Target: Healthcare Professionals 
  • Poster: Click Here
  • Rundown: Click Here
  • Speaker contact list: Click Here
  • Registration: Click Here

If you are interested in the events, please do register here by April 17th 2023. For inquiry, please contact Ms. Qubie Tang at 28762424 or email [email protected]. We are looking forward to your participation. Thank you!   


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