The new issue of Policy Bulletin is now available (Chinese version only). As always, our Policy Bulletin attempts to adopt new perspectives to look at policy issues in order to enrich policy discussions.

Last year, the Chief Executive put forward ‘the package of 10 new livelihood initiatives to substantially enhance the support for grassroots and underprivileged people’, one of which was the feasibility study on ‘Tenancy Control of Subdivided Units’. The study will be completed in Mar this year and the result submitted to the government for policy consideration. This issue of Policy Bulletin ‘Tenancy Control of Subdivided Units’ aims to identify and analyze the policy parameters of the topic, to provide local data and overseas policy case studies, to explore the situation of small owners of private residential units in old urban districts, and to make policy recommendations.

You may now download a full copy of the Policy Bulletin Issue 29 here.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Natalie Yau, Officer, Policy Research and Advocacy at [email protected] or 2864 2967. To get a hard copy, please call at 2864 2977 or email at [email protected].


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