【Press release on 23 November 2023】The seventh Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES) co-hosted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government and Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), and co-organised by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), starts from 23 November to 26 November at Hall 1A-C of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with free admission. The GIES is the largest gerontechnology public education event in Hong Kong. This year, more than 200 exhibitors have showcased about 800 innovative technology products and application solutions from Hong Kong and worldwide, allowing the public to experience a wide range of innovative technologies.

Mr Chris Sun, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, HKSAR, said at the opening ceremony that Hong Kong is facing an ageing population.  Currently, one out of around 4.5 persons is aged 65 or above; one in around 20 residents is 80 years old or above.  The ageing population brought forth challenges but also opportunities.  GIES has become the largest event promoting gerontechnology in the social welfare sector.  The Government promotes the use of gerontechnology to improve the quality of life of the elderly and relieve the pressure of the carers.  The Government will inject additional $1 billion into the “Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care” (I&T Fund) in 2024-25, and expand the scope of the I&T Fund to cover gerontechnology products suitable for household use.  Eligible elderly and rehabilitation service units can procure, rent and trial technology products for lending to elderly persons and their carers for use at home, in order to promote the application of gerontechnology at households for the betterment of the older generations.

Mr Bernard Chan, Chairperson, HKCSS, said “While making ourselves ready to welcome more guests and visitors at this first Expo after the epidemic, we are also committed to embrace challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic new normal. We have a “Tele-practice Platform” Pavilion, showcasing how gerontechnology solutions are integrated to support home users with rehabilitation needs remotely. The “Smart and Healthy Ageing” Pavilion exhibits collections of high-touch and high-tech devices including AI and many other solutions that facilitate self-support and relieve carers’ stress, and to demonstrate different options and possibilities for ageing-in-place. Apart from the record-breaking exhibits and exhibitors in this hall, in the Forum, distinguished panelists will come together to discuss the Collaboration and Development of Smart Ageing in the Greater Bay Area. We look forward to having a fruitful exchange on the how cities in the GBA could collaborate and co-create a community where senior citizens could enjoy quality care and living.”

Dr Sunny Chai, Chairman of HKSTP, said, “HKSTP is honoured to be a co-organiser of the flagship GIES event for the seventh consecutive year, in a collaborative effort to build a smarter and more age-friendly city using gerontech. Hong Kong faces the pressing challenge of a rapidly ageing society, and I believe gerontech is an effective solution. With a vibrant gerontech ecosystem comprising over 70 companies, HKSTP will continue to improve elderly wellbeing and the healthcare system by fostering collaboration across the government, industry, academia, and research sector.”

Mr Zhang Junli, Executive Director, China Merchants Foundation, said “Since the first Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit was launched in 2017, China Merchants Foundation has participated in, supported and witnessed the vigorous development of gerontechnology in Hong Kong. This year’s event not only showcases the world’s cutting-edge technological products, but also brings together elite representatives from government, business, academics and citizens in the Greater Bay Area. We eagerly look forward to discussing new wisdom with all parties, promoting more local R&D, production and application of gerontech inventions, seizing the opportunities brought by Hong Kong’s ageing population, providing more benefits to Hong Kong’s elderly people, and assisting Hong Kong’s international technological innovation center construction.

The Expo features four thematic pavilions, including the “Smart & Healthy Ageing“, which showcases how technology improves the physical and mental health as well as the living environment of the elderly; The “Tele-practice Platform“, which introduces a new trial project that allows users to engage in home-based training and health monitoring through an interactive platform; The ” Gerontechnology Platform – Testing Ground“, which focuses on user experience and innovation, showcasing the experiences of transformation and implementation of gerontechnology; and the “Care Food Pavilion“, which introduces care food for individuals with swallowing difficulties.

The featured booths offer a VR virtual reality journey that takes participants into simulated worlds of cognitive impairments, youth mental health issues, and common eye disorders. Participants can understand the symptoms and situations faced by patients, increasing public awareness of health-related topics. The Expo showcases how gerontechnology, such as smart home aging, independent support, tele-rehabilitation training, health screening, and monitoring, supports the lives of elderly, persons with disabilities, and carers.

This year, the Expo showcases a record high of about 800 gerontech products and solutions. Products include fall detection, health monitoring, telehealth system, rehabilitation equipment, daily living and mobility assistance devices, to facilitate different aspects of life, including healthcare, food, housing, and transportation. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the functions of products, taste the “care food”, participate in a series of special activities, seminars, and forums, which allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the trends of gerontechnology and stay updated with the latest information.

The highlight event of the summit, the Forum on “Collaboration and Development of Smart Ageing in the Greater Bay Area” will be held on 24 November during the Expo. Industry leaders will explore topics such as co-creating a connected Greater Bay Area for quality care and living, addressing the opportunities and challenges of population aging in the digital era, and the “Quest for Quality and Smart Elderly Care – The Asian Dialogue”. The public can register for these online activities for free.


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The Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2023

Date and Time:

23-26 November 2023


23 November (Thursday)

11am – 6pm


24-26 November (Friday to Sunday)

10am – 6pm


(*Last admission time is 30 minutes before the daily closing time.)


Hall 1A-C, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai


(Free admission without pre-registration)


Thematic Pavilions

Thematic Pavilions

Brief Information

Smart & Healthy Ageing


With the increasing global aging population, “smart and healthy ageing” has become a global trend. This pavilion takes visitors on a journey through “Comfortable Living,” “Smooth Pathways,” “AI Health Trail,” and “End-of-Life Home Care,” showcasing gerontechnology products and solutions for smart home ageing, independent support, health screening and monitoring, as well as the support and application trends of gerontechnology in an ageing society. The aim is to educate the public on how technology can improve the physical and mental health of elderly and their living environment. The “Smart Garden” is set up to provide visitors with a sensory experience that combines visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile pleasures, offering a relaxing journey.

Tele-practice Platform


In the post-pandemic new normal, remote services have become a new trend. This pavilion introduces a new trial project of “Tele-practice Platform” conducted by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and the Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM). The platform simulates a home environment and showcases seven gerontechnology products that users can utilize in their homes to interact with therapists located in agencies. These technologies include remote health monitoring and fall prevention assessment, remote consultation, and remote cognitive and rehabilitation training. Users are not limited by time and location, allowing them to receive appropriate support with more flexibility. Therapists can access relevant data through the platform system for more accurate and in-depth assessments.

Gerontechnology Platform – Testing Ground(A513)

Focuses on “User Experience and Innovation”, this pavilion highlights the “Gerontechnology Platform – Testing Ground,” which is composed of the “Gerontechnology Platform” and various elderly and rehabilitation organisations. It also introduces the local pioneering “Gerontechnology Product Evaluation Frameworks”. In the “Hong Kong Gerontech Living Lab”, visitors can have first-hand experience with elderly technology products at different research and development stages and provide onsite feedback. The goal is to understand how technology can be effectively utilized, and to apply gerontechnology practically. In recent years, primary and secondary school students have actively incorporated innovative ideas into technologies such as AI, and developing prototypes of gerontechnology products. These students will introduce their works to visitors and collect user feedback.

Care Food Pavilion


In order to help individuals with swallowing difficulties regain their pleasure in eating and maintain their quality of life, the sector is actively promoting “care food” that are friendly to them. The pavilion is transformed into a train station. The “Care Food Experience and Education Station” allows visitors to learn about swallowing difficulties and care food. Onsite partners and the “Care Food Standard Guidelines” are introduced to provide information on assessment, cooking tests, nursing and rehabilitation information. The station also includes interactive games and swallowing rehabilitation training, as well as cooking demonstrations of care food. Visitors have the opportunity to taste care food.


Featured Booths

Brief Information

Online Support Services


The booth showcases various online services and support provided by different non-governmental organizations in response to the needs of the elderly, rehabilitation patients, and carers.



Three virtual reality (VR) experience zones are set up to guide participants into simulated worlds related to cognitive impairments, youth mental health, and common eye disorders. These zones aim to immerse participants in the experiences of individuals with these conditions, increasing public awareness and understanding of various health topics.

Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care


Showcase the contents, latest achievements, and developments of the “Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care” established by the Hong Kong SAR Government, and introduce other policy measures to promote the application of gerontechnology. These measures include promoting the use of gerontechnology in District Elderly Community Centre and Neighbourhood Elderly Centres, regularising the arrangements for renting gerontechnology products using Community Care Service Voucher Scheme for the Elderly, and the development of smart elderly homes.

CMF eRent- Gerontech Rental Website


Introduce the latest launch of the “eRent” by the China Merchants Foundation, which is a gerontechnology rental website. This website has expanded its service scope to include individual users, aiming to further educate and promote the comprehensive application of gerontechnology in the community, to assist individuals in need to age in place by providing access to a wide range of gerontechnology products through the rental service.

Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service


Showcase the achievements of the one-stop gerontechnology service supporting “age at home” and new rental products suitable for home environments. In addition, it provides the latest information on using the ” Community Care Service Voucher Scheme for the Elderly” to rent products.

Nordic Exhibitor Group

(C116, C118 ,C120)

This pavilion is organised by the Finnish Consulates General in Hong Kong and Macau to showcase the latest technological products from Finland.

Japan Exhibitor Group

(B111-119, B220)

The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and its members debut to showcase products, technologies, services, care food and forward-looking ideas on coping with an ageing society.



About Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES)

Jointly hosted by the HKSAR Government and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and co-organised with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES), is the largest gerontechnology public education event in Hong Kong.

Since GIES was launched in 2017, it has solicited support and aroused attention from different parties. Not only the general public can explore and learn about various gerontechnology and solutions in GIES, the elderly and rehabilitation service sector is also mobilized and has become more willing to adopt gerontech. It also facilitates the development of several pilot services and projects.

Besides, GIES provides a platform drawing together stakeholders to engage in dialogue and collaboration for border adoption of gerontech. It further helps to drive policy changes as well as societal and economic developments in Hong Kong for meeting the challenge brought about by population ageing and disability. (Website:


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