Launched by: The Commission on Poverty    

Co-ordinated by: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Aim: Encourages youths who counter adversity with a positive attitude and demonstrate prominent progress in academic or other areas

Scholarship Amount:$5,000

Who is eligible for the scholarship: Candidates for the scholarship must be Secondary 3 to 6 students studying full-time in local secondary schools (including government-aided and government secondary schools, aided special schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme schools and private secondary schools) or in Vocational Training Council institutions, a maximum of three students of Secondary 3 to 6 may be nominated for the scholarship.

Students with the following attributes may be considered for the scholarship:

  1. A positive attitude and persistence in the face of adversity;
  2. A positive value and attitude towards life;
  3. Aspiration and determination to climb the social ladder; and
  4. Potential and prominent progress in academic performance and/or personal growth

By Nomination: Candidates for the scholarship may be nominated by their school teachers or social worker. HKCSS will then consolidate and submit a list of nominated students to the Scholarship Committee formed by major donors for final approval.


Application Closed

Should you have any enquiries, please contact The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Telephone: 2876 2438 or 2876 2402 / E-mail: [email protected]).



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