Last year, the Policy Address proposed the provision of 15,000 transitional housing units in the coming three years to provide deprived groups with short-term residences to help alleviate the current housing problem of the grassroots due to insufficient public housing supply.

This issue of Policy Bulletin “Transitional Housing Policy” aims to understand the current policy of transitional housing, and to examine whether it meets the said policy objective, and to put forward suggestions on transitional housing policy.  We also discuss the importance of social services in the transitional housing projects and explore a new concept of community land trust in view of the latest policy development.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Natalie Yau, Officer of Policy Research and Advocacy (Social Development) at [email protected] or 2864-2967. To get a hard copy, please contact Ms. Connie Chen, Programme Executive of Policy Research and Advocacy (Social Development) at [email protected] or 2864-2963.

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