“Self-consumption of illicit drugs is legal”, “There will be only slight legal consequence for young drug trafficker” … Although above messages are prevalent among drug abusers, they are just myths. Disseminating correct legal knowledge among the community is helping prevent people from falling into drug traps. Also, as helping professionals, we may also have chance to interact with clients who are abusing drugs. What are our responsibilities from the legal perspective? What are the reminders to support our clients with drug-related offences? 

The council and Community Drug Advisory Council (社區藥物教育輔導會) co-organize a sharing session with sharing from experienced social worker and lawyers, aiming to equip social service practitioners, especially those from the Ethnic Minority community, with drug-related legal knowledge.

Details are as follows:


  1. To learn the basic knowledge on drug-related criminal liability and judicial procedures
  2. To dispel misunderstanding of drug abuse
  3. To know the legal lability when interacting with drug abusers
Date: 23 September 2022 (Friday)
Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Language: English
Mode: Online
Fee: Free of Charge

Ethnic minorities

(Ethnically diverse social service practitioners are highly recommended)

Our Speakers:

Mr. Raymond N.H. Chan (Solicitor, Mayer Brown)

Mr. Julian H. Y. Tam (Solicitor, Mayer Brown)

Mr. Jason Huang (Registered Social Worker, CDAC)

Please click on HERE to register for the event on or before 20 September. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link on or before 22 September. For any enquiry, please contact Mr. Toby Yip of HKCSS at 2876-2466 or Mr. Jason Huang of CDAC at 2521-2880. Thank you for your attention.

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