In Hong Kong, the District Health Centres (DHCs) have been established to provide comprehensive and coordinated primary healthcare services to the community.  Meanwhile, Canada has implemented multidisciplinary primary healthcare settings such as community health centres (CHCs) and Family Health Teams (FHTs), which bring together a team of healthcare professionals, including social workers, family physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other specialists, who work collaboratively to provide comprehensive and patient-centered care.  This collaborative approach aims to provide patient-centered care, improve access to healthcare, and address the complex needs of patients with diverse health conditions.  

The upcoming webinar will feature speakers from Canada who will share their experience and best practices within the healthcare system. A local practitioner will also discuss her experience in social work practice within DHCs and patient empowerment programs. The webinar will address the challenges faced by social workers in primary healthcare settings and identify potential solutions and strategies. We aim to stimulate knowledge exchange between professionals and audience, to promote health and well-being for individuals and communities.


Details of Webinar:

Date: 29 August 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:15am-10:45am

Language: English

Mode: Zoom

Registration: Please register here on or before 23 August 2023 (Wednesday).


For enquiries, please contact Ms Hindy Kai (Tel: 28642995; E-mail: [email protected]).

Thank you!



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