As Ethnic Minorities (EM) have been living here for generations, how is their cultural integration in Hong Kong? Or how is Hong Kong’s cultural diversity so far?

The upcoming Christmas in December is always widely celebrated by devoted religious followers to the general public. Comparatively, it seems less common for Hong Kong citizens to know and partake in the celebration of so-called EM festivals, e.g. India’s Diwali, and Thailand’s Songkran. The vibrancy of cultural diversity does need active participation by both Chinese and EM to promote Hong Kong which is renowned as an international city.

To materialize cultural diversity in the work setting, cultural competence is the cornerstone to building a good multicultural team. For example, most Pakistani EMs are Muslim, and they fast during the daylight as the religious practice during the month of Ramadan. Adjustments in work schedule or duty during Ramadan can be a crucial support to show the mainstream’s cultural acceptance.

Therefore, a training session called Ethnic Minorities’ Culture and Diversity in Hong Kong’s Christmas is arranged to share the pragmatic daily practice in appreciation of cultural diversity.

Ethnic Minorities’ Culture and Diversity in Hong Kong’s Christmas

Date: December 22, 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 10:00-12:00

Venue: Zoom

Language: English 



  • NGOs/business companies concerned about cultural diversity   
  • Ethnic Minorities or Chinese interested to promote cultural diversity  


Mr Akshit Khanna

Secretary General

Hong Kong Ethnically Diverse Social Work, HKSWA


Caritas Ethnic Minority Service
Caritas-Hong Kong

Dr. Raees Begum Baig
Adjunct Assistant Professor, 

Department of Social Work
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Social Impact Assessment Team 
Policy Research and Advocacy
Hong Kong Council of Social Service


If you are interested in the events, please do register here by December 22, 2022. For inquiry, please contact Ms. Fion Tai at 2876 2450 or email [email protected]. We are looking forward to your participation. Thank you! 


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