Certificate in Accounting Practice and Financial Management
for Non-financial Professionals in NGOs
社會服務機構會計實務及財務管理證書課程 (專為非財務人員而設) 



Good accounting practices and financial management can support steady growth of an organization and serves as a sign of good management behind. The certificate programme is organized to enable NGO staff members of non-financial background who are responsible for accounting/financial issues to strengthen their knowledge in managing NGO finance. 


To provide essential knowledge of financial management and accounting for centre supervisors/service managers in handling the accounting records
To help managerial staff in mastering cost function and control for making good decisions
To assist centre supervisors/service managers in developing and implementing internal control for their service units 

Course Details

Course Code : 21A-C02 to C05
Date :

21A-C02 : 17 June 2021 (Thursday) 

21A-C03 : 24 June 2021 (Thursday) 

21A-C04 : 7 July 2021 (Wednesday) 

21A-C05 : 14 July 2021 (Wednesday) 

Time : 0930 – 1745 (7 hours each day, 28 hours in total) 
Venue : Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai,
Hong Kong 
Target Participants :  Centre Supervisors, Service Managers (non-financial professionals) responsible for accounting and financial operations of subvented and/or 
non-subvented services of NGOs  
Class Size : 30
Medium :  Cantonese supplemented with English (Course materials in English) 
  Each Session  Full Certificate  
Fees :  $1,340 each session   $5,090 
Fees for HKCSS Agency Member Staff : 

(payment received three weeks before the session commences : $1,070) 

(payment received
on/before 27 May 2021 : $4,070) 

Enquiries : 2876 2434 or [email protected] 


  1. Preference will be given to applicants who enroll in the full certificate programme. 
  2. Applicants are not processed on a first come, first served basis. It will go through selection process by HKCSS Institute and trainer. 

Certificates will be issued by HKCSS Institute to participants upon successful completion of all four sessions with 80% attendance in total. 

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Course Structure

Session 1 : Basic Financial Management Knowledge for
Service Management in NGOs

Fundamentals and functions of financial management for service management 
• To provide and grasp how accounting function relates to service
• To briefly explain financial resource mobilization in Subvented and Non-subvented services  
• To understand the roles of senior management and service management 
in financial management

Introduction to conceptual & regulatory framework of financial reporting in Hong Kong
• To highlight the important concept of the Conceptual Framework of 
financial reporting
• To briefly explain the Regulatory Framework and requirements of Companies Ordinance for financial reporting in Hong Kong

Overview of project management for non-subvented services 
• To understand the financial reporting requirements of different specific fund grants in Non-subvented services 
• To provide an overview of project scope from financial perspective of funding proposal and business plan 
• To grasp through different processes of managing and monitoring service projects including project slippage and external audit 

Remark : The course will NOT cover SWD’s Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Subvention System


Course code: 21A-C02
Date: 17 Jun 2021
Time: 0930-1745 (7 hrs)
Trainer: Mr Steve Lam

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Session 2 : How to Read Financial Statements of NGOs

Understanding of a full book of accounts and accounting records used by NGOs 
• To explain the basic full book of accounts, accounting records and year end accounting adjustments in NGO’s accounts

Understanding the structure of NGO’s financial statements
• To study the Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income and the Statement of Financial Position and their uses in NGOs

Reading, interpreting and analyzing the financial statements
• To read, interpret and analyze the financial statements for better understanding of accounting information and their uses for decision-making
•  To walk through the preparation of basic financial statements


Course code: 21A-C03
Date: 24 Jun 2021
Time: 0930-1745 (7 hrs)
Trainer: Mr Steve Lam

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Session 3 : Internal Control – How to Conduct Financial Health Check?

Significance of sound internal control, how to develop and implement accounting policies and procedures, and equipping knowledge & skills of internal auditing to add value and improve an organization’s operations 
• The financial control system – Developing/Improving control guidelines and procedures in NGO internal control system to safeguard organization assets 
• Importance & fundamentals of internal control 
• Role of internal audit 
• Deciding control objectives and areas for investigation 
• How to read and master the guidelines given in Lump Sum Grant Manual by SWD 
• Internal control reports for management review and action 
• Monitoring of risk management activities 


Course code: 21A-C04
Date: 7 Jul 2021
Time: 0930-1745 (7 hrs)
Trainer: Mr Steve Lam

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Session 4 : Cost Information and Financial Planning for Service Operations

Use of cost information in service operations
• To study cost elements, cost allocation and estimation and cost behaviour for service operations 
• To describe how cost information can assist us in preparing better decision-making 

The role of budgets in financial planning and service operations
• To understand the role of budgets in financial planning and service operations
• To study the budget-setting process, budget preparation and its limitations and problems

Remark : The course will not cover budgetary control and its tools


Course code: 21A-C05
Date: 14 Jul 2021
Time: 0930-1745 (7 hrs)
Trainer: Mr Steve Lam

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Mr Steve Lam 林志輝先生
BSc (Econ), MBA, FCMA, CPA(Aust), FCPA
Deputy Director
(Finance & General Administration)
Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

Mr Steve Lam is responsible for the areas of Agency’ s finance, accounting, general administration and information technology. He has fruitful experiences in dealing with practical financial issues of social service organisations. With his experiences in the financial profession of over 25 years and in the social welfare sector, he is able to provide insights to NGO staffs in topics relating to financial management. Prior to joining HKSPC, he was the Finance Manager of an NGO and has already had well experience in financial and management accounting, financial management and taxation in the commercial sector. He is also an experienced instructor in many similar training courses for social work professionals. Steve is a popular speaker in many NGO seminars with topics relating to financial management. He currently holds the qualifications of Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Management Accountant and Certified Practicing Accountant (Australia).

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