「NGO 機構健康評估」課程系列

發布日期: 2021-02-03

「NGO Organizational Health Assessment」Course Series
「NGO 機構健康評估」課程系列


The concept of organizational health is about the ability of an organizational to align, execute and renew so that sustainable performance could be achieved. Inspired by this organizational health concept, which is originally developed by McKinsey and Company, HKCSS and HKU EXCEL3 collaborated and conducted the 2nd pilot project to modify the model to make it more applicable on NGOs sector with positive feedback. To further promote the concept and application in NGO sector, a number of initiatives including a free on-line tool and operational guide, training workshops, and knowledge café are prepared to facilitate self-help of individual organizations.

A series of training workshops will be held in Mar 2021 as follows. An online NGO Organizational Health Assessment Platform (OHA Platform) has been developed by HKCSS Institute and is open for use by Agency Members after joining the 1st and 2nd Session.

Course Details

Course Codes : 20B-OHA1, 20B-OHA2, 20B-OHA3

Dates & Times :




Session 1: 1 March 2021 (Monday)
                   1400 – 1800 (4 hours)
Session 2: 9 March 2021 (Tuesday)
                   1400 – 1800 (4 hours)
Session 3: 23 March 2021 (Tuesday)
                   1400 – 1800 (4 hours)

Venue :


Room 202, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(Further postponement may be needed or Zoom may be adopted subject to the latest epidemic conditions, to be confirmed one week before each workshop)

Participants :




Session 1: Management staff of NGOs who are interested to know more about organizational health
Session 2: Staff of NGOs who are interested in administering an in-house organizational health check
(*only open for participants who completed Session 1)
Session 3: Management staff of NGOs who are interested in management change programme

Class Size : 30 each session
Language : Cantonese (supplemented with English)
  Sessions 1
(4 hrs)
Sessions 2
(4 hrs)
Sessions 3
(4 hrs)
Fees: $770 $910 $910
Fees for HKCSS Agency Member Staff: $710
(Payment received on/before
11 Feb 2021: $610)
(Payment received on/before
16 Feb 2021: $730)
(Payment received on/before
2 Mar 2021: $730)
  Apply via E-mail / Fax  
  Online Application  

*In response to the novel coronavirus, in order to avoid delays in application, please use member portal (institute.hkcss.org.hk/login/) for registration if possible. If you would like to apply by post, please send the completed application form to HKCSS Institute by email ([email protected]) in advance. Thank you!


Course Structure

Session 1:Induction to NGO Organizational Health for Sustainability

It is a half-day course for knowledge building. The concept is helpful in designing strategy in managing an organization or a department regardless of the availability of health data.


To provide a comprehensive training course on the concept of NGO organizational health and how it impacts sustainability.


  • Knowing the health essentials – the 9 elements
  • Management practices to support health
  • Setting a health aspiration and designing interventions for change
  • The assessment tool
  • NGO case sharing

Course code: 20B-OHA1
Date: 1 March 2021
Time: 1400-1800 (4 hrs)

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Session 2:NGO Organizational Health and the Administration of OHA Tool

(*only open for participants who took Session 1)

It is a half-day course on organizational health assessment in supporting NGO on health diagnosis and needs identification in using the NGO OHA tool in the future.


To provide intensive information and explanation on the operation of the OHA tool and the employee questionnaire as a comprehensive and supplementary training to the course “Induction to NGO Organizational Health for Sustainability”.


  • Brief recap of the health essentials and management practices in supporting health
  • How to organize a health check
  • Descriptive analysis of health results of an overall organizati on
  • Descriptive analysis of chosen health results on selected units, functional groups, management layers, and other subgroups
  • Enhancement on presentation of the descriptive data

NGO OHA Platform

It is an online OHA assessment tool and will be ready for use soon. Interested NGOs may visit our platform with the following demo account:
User Name: Demo
Password: Demo123!



Course code: 20B-OHA2
Date: 9 March 2021
Time: 1400-1800 (4 hrs)

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Session 3:NGO Organizational Health and Interventions

It is a half-day management workshop for the preparation of implementation of a change programme after getting insights on the organizational health situation.


To equip the participants with the sensitivity and know-how on determining the next move and designing the receipt for success.


  • Brief recap of the health essentials and management practices in supporting health
  • Roadmap in planning, designing and executing an organizational health programme
  • Ways to identify and prioritise management practices and behaviours for change
  • NGO case sharing

Course code: 20B-OHA3
Date: 23 Mar 2021
Time: 1400-1800 (4 hrs)

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Ms Christine Fang 方敏生女士
Founding Director
Governance and Management Excellence (GAME) for Public Benefit

Trained as a social worker and social service administrator, Ms Fang has been fighting poverty and empowering the disadvantaged for more than 30 years. Commencing her formal career as a community worker in Sham Shui Po, where she assisted families in a temporary housing area, she drew both experience and inspiration for what was to become her lifelong work in fighting poverty and empowering the disadvantaged. Christine joined the Hong Kong Red Cross in 1989, and in 1993 was appointed Secretary-General, involved in raising public awareness of and support for international humanitarian actions. Her mission was to build the capacity of civil society organizations, which she believes are elements vital to the foundations of a “good and sustainable society”. In 2001, Ms Fang was appointed as Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services, where she served from 2001 until retirement in 2013. She was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR Government in 2009 for her meritorious public and community service.





Mr K M Chan 陳啟明先生
Founding Director and Consultant
Governance and Management Excellence (GAME) for Public Benefit

Mr Chan is a Registered Social Worker with 40 years of experiences at both frontline and management level in the social service and tertiary education sectors, including over 13 years as Secretary General of Hong Kong Red Cross.  For over a decade he has actively involved in the promotion of NGO capacity building, especially in promoting organization health, CEO development and corporate governance; and had successfully led a number of major reforms in performance management, pay structure, fundraising, strategic planning, knowledge management and executive leadership for his own agencies.

Mr Chan holds formal qualifications in social service management, town planning, public relations & communications management, knowledge management, disaster response, and attended the Executive Education Programme in strategic perspective for nonprofit management of the Harvard Business School.



Ms Lilian Law 羅淑君女士

Ms Law was previously the Executive Director of the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, which has 75 service units spreading across 17 districts serving 450,000 children, youth and families. BGCA was set up in 1936 with a mission to nurture a happy, healthy and contributing younger generation. With over 30 years of dedicated experiences in social services, Ms Law is well acquainted with both programmes and public policies relating to families, children and youth. She has been appointed members to the Family Council and Sustainable Development Council. In 2006, Ms Law helped set up the first Children Development Indicators in Hong Kong, a comprehensive formal account of information available on status of children.

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