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HKCSS has a 190 strong staff of registered social workers and professionals from various fields. Staff development has always been the Council’s priority, and not only our employees are encouraged to attend training programmes and events, the Council also provide subsidies for relevant courses. The Council maintains effective communication both laterally and horizontally by means of full staff meeting and consultations on management and welfare, during which the Council’s management and frontline exchange views freely.

The Council firmly believes in staff well-being, and other than medical and other relevant allowances, the Council is devoted to carry out family-friendly practices such as flexible working hours, paternity leave, work-at-home arrangements as well as breastfeeding-friendly measures to accommodate the family needs of its staff. In 2018-2019, the Council has extended full-pay maternity leave to 14 weeks, allowing more time for mothers to spend with and take care of their newborn babies.

The Council is an equal opportunities employer, will operate its employment policy in a way that individuals will be selected, appointed, promoted, developed and treated on the basis of consistent selection criteria. We strive to attain a 2% employment target for people with disabilities over our staff team.


行政總裁 Chief Executive
蔡海偉先生 Mr CHUA Hoi Wai
業務總監 Business Director
蔡劍華先生 Mr CHOI Kim Wah, Cliff
陳文宜女士 Ms CHAN Man Yee, Grace
賴君豪先生 Mr LAI Kwan Ho, Raymond
黃健偉先生 Mr WONG Kin Wai, Anthony
服務發展 Service Development
姚潔玲女士 總主任 (兒童及青少年) Ms YIU Kit Ling, Karen Chief Officer (Children & Youth Service)
司徒偉珠女士 總主任 (長者)  Ms SZETO Wai Chu, Rachel Chief Officer (Elderly Service)
陳曉園女士 總主任 (家庭及社區)  Ms CHAN Hiu Yuen, Angie Chief Officer (Family & Community Service)
李鳳儀女士 總主任 (復康) Ms LI Fung Yee, Teresa Chief Officer (Rehabilitation Service)
政策研究及倡議 Policy Research and Advocacy
黃和平先生 總主任 (政策研究及倡議) Mr WONG Wo Ping, Peace Chief Officer (Policy Research and Advocacy)
何俊傑先生 項目總監 (社會房屋) Mr HO Chun Kit, Charles Project Director (Social Housing)
譚穎茜女士 高級經理 (社會企業商務中心) Ms TAM Wing Sai, Jessica Senior Manager (Social Enterprise Business Centre)
業界及能力發展 Sector & Capacity Development
李穎祺女士 總主任 (NGO 能力建設) Ms LI Vicky Chief Officer (NGO Capacity Building)
張麗華女士 總主任 (會員聯繫及服務)  Ms CHEUNG Lai Wah Chief Officer (Membership Liaison and Service)
郭家豐先生 總主任 (長者創新及科技) Mr KWOK Ka Fung, Peter Chief Officer (Innovation and Technology for Ageing)
伍嘉樺女士 項目總監 (長者創新及科技) Ms NG Ka Wah, Angela Project Director (Innovation and Technology for Ageing)
陳玉瑩女士 項目總監 (長者創新及科技) Ms CHAN Yuk Ying, Zoe Project Director (Innovation and Technology for Ageing)
何笑英女士 項目總監 (非政府機構董事會網絡計劃)  Ms HO Siu Ying, Stella Project Director (NGO Governance Platform Project)
公眾參與及伙伴 Public Engagement & Partnership
陸偉儀女士 高級經理 (商界展關懷計劃) Ms LUK Wai Yi, Wendy Senior Manager (Caring Company Scheme)
關韵唐女士 高級經理 (惠施‧ 捐獻文化)  Ms KWAN Wan Tong, Christine Senior Manager (WiseGiving)
曾志康先生 高級經理 (企業傳訊)  Mr TSANG Chi Hong, Eddie Senior Manager (Corporate Communications)
社聯社企有限公司 HKCSS Social Enterprise Limited
 資訊科技資源中心 Information Technology Resource Centre
 李振培先生 總經理 Mr LEE Chang Pui, Tony General Manager
 馮立奇先生 副總經理  Mr FUNG Lap Kee, Ricky Deputy General Manager
行政部 Administration Department
李翠華女士 總監(財務) Ms LEE Tsui Wa, Cynthia Director (Finance)
葉穎欣女士 高級經理 (行政) Ms YIP Wing Yan, Helen Senior Manager (Administration)
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