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Memorable Elderly Meals Campaign

Elderly Service – HKCSS Channel      2017/07/06

As Hong Kong's population ages, some elderly people would choose to live in residential care home for the elderly. Many of them have swallowing problems and different nutritional needs, which renders meals handling crucial. The Homes for the Elderly of Sik Sik Yuen collaborated with speech therapists and dieticians to assess individual residents of the elderly home and provide elderly meals catering for different needs.

Mr Stephen Ma Chak-Wa, Vice-Chairmen of Sik Sik Yuen, said “We provide 3 types of meals designed for the elderly with different needs, namely normal, minced and pureed meals. Meanwhile, rice is cooked in 4 types of hardness to serve the elderly in need.”

To arouse the awareness of the residents, staff, family members and the public on the diets for frail elders, Sik Sik Yuen has organised the Elderly Meals Campaign since 2013, where each of its 5 residential care homes for the elderly would take part as a group in the Elderly Menu Design Competition to improve the living quality of the senior residents. “All of the 5 dishes cater for the needs of the elderly, which are easy to chew, swallow and digest, and are aesthetically pleasing. We especially appreciate the selection of health preserving food, primarily vegetables.” Stephen said.

 “Vegetables have to be served tender and in small pieces, thus elderly people with swallowing problems could eat them easily.” Ms Chan Hang Fong, Chef of Homes for the elderly said. Ms Chan also shares her experience with the elderly relatives about cooking pureed meals at home. Let elderly enjoy the pureed meals when they come back home. Another Chef Ms Yan Lai Chi said “I am very much delighted when they praise the taste and finish all the dishes.”