The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) 2018

Social Welfare – HKCSS Channel      2018/01/04

Established in 1947, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) became a statutory body in 1951. , Having more than 460 agency members, for the past 70 years HKCSS has been dedicated, with professionalism and a clear vision, to building a just, caring and inclusive society.

We have a diverse scope of work targeting different stakeholders and social issues. Besides promoting the development of welfare services, we also foster the culture of corporate social responsibility and charity donation, advocate social development and innovation, and enhance the corporate governance of social services organisations.

HKCSS continuously motivates the social and welfare sectors to provide quality services to cater for different underprivileged communities. In recent years, it has put more emphasis on preparing for HK’s aging population. Through encouraging the use of gerontechnology in the services and products provided by its social welfare organisations and in society in general, HKCSS helps enhance both the elderly’s and their carers’ quality of life.

HKCSS also conducts in-depth studies on social policies and makes solution recommendations. The poverty issue has been its top concern, and it has contributed to the government’s setting up of the Commission on Poverty, and establishing the poverty line.

Housing is a prevalent issue among the poor, and tens of thousands are living in undesirable conditions. HKCSS leads the “Community Housing Movement” (CHM) which combines social service with housing needs. The scheme enables the underprivileged to rent properties at affordable prices to help improve their living standards.

Meanwhile, we also encourage social innovation, and diligently support social enterprises. We are a co-founder of the government’s “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund”, which has already empowered many innovative projects.

To be able to effectively roll out all the different tasks, we need to build a highly efficient social welfare sector that meets the needs of the times. HKCSS has established the NGO Governance Platform, providing practical support to enhance different organisations’ management and governance capabilities in response to the needs of society. As organisations joining HKCSS in recent years are mostly small and medium sized, our Project Star can offer them intimate support for their long term development.

For a society to develop sustainably, it takes a response from the whole of society, rather than the work of the government and individual sectors alone.  HKCSS is dedicated to promoting collaboration between the government, the business sector and NGOs. “Caring Company Scheme” is one such scheme that links up passionate people from different sectors. More than 3,400 enterprises and organisations have now joined the scheme to collectively create social capital.

HKCSS has been keeping in close touch with the changes in the times. We provide a collaborative platform for social service organisations, different sectors in society, the government and international societies to build strategic partnerships, and jointly create a caring and mutually helpful society in HK.