The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Remarks by Chairperson and Chief Executive

The year 2017/2018 witnessed the 70th anniversary of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service as well as the launching of a number of new and innovative initiatives which, together with our agency members, responded to societal changes and benefited more people in need. The key words of the 70th anniversary were synergy, innovation and joint action, which would guide the Council’s work in coming years.

Among the innovative projects, there was the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES) held in June 2017 which drew more than 43,000 visitors. The GIES had successfully raised the awareness of the general public, NGOs and the government towards the applications of technologies in social services, and caused the government to set up a new $1 billion fund to support NGOs acquiring related products. After GIES, we continued to identify and introduce new Gerontech products to local welfare sector and communities. For example, we started a pilot project in 2018 and invited social service organisations to provide “Stair Climber” service for elderly and disabled persons living in buildings without elevators, so as to encourage their participation in the community and raise their quality of life.

Later in September 2017, we instigated the “Community Housing Movement”. The project, supported by the government, The Community Chest, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund and concerned partners, provided transitional social housing to families living in dismal conditions and waiting for public rental housing for at least three years. In addition to transitional accommodation, concerned NGOs also offered tenants community-based social services to enhance their capacity to become self-reliant. So far the movement had engaged seven NGOs to provide affordable and well-managed transitional social housing to grassroots families in Mong Kok, Kowloon City, To Kwa Wan, Western District, Southern District and Tuen Mun.       

Earlier this year, we completed the shooting of the movie “Distinction”, which was released for public screening in Hong Kong cinemas in October. The script of the movie was written based on a real story of a special school, and the movie also engaged some special school students as actors/actresses. It gave a true account of the difficulties and joys faced by both mainstream and special needs students.

These new projects had widened the horizon of the Council and brought benefits to the society at multi-levels. At the same time, the Council continued to facilitate policy changes by advising the government and different advisory bodies on welfare services and important issues related to people’s livelihood. In the past year, the Council made over 30 submissions to the government and also invited key government officials to have direct dialogue with social service organisations on topical issues such as: medical-social collaboration, ageing population, long-term welfare planning and Lump Sum Grant subvention system.      

To achieve various social development goals, we must garner support from different sectors, the government as well as social service organizations. The involvement of social service providers is crucial as they have first-hand experience in serving the needy which could inform services development and enhancement.

Last but not least, we would like to pay tribute to all those who have contributed to our work generously and selflessly. As always, the Council will continue to strive for the sustainable social development of Hong Kong and the well-being of our people.

 Mr. Bernard Chan, GBS, JP, Chairperson, HKCSS & Mr. CHUA Hoi Wai, Chief Executive, HKCSS

Mr. Bernard Chan, GBS, JP, Chairperson, HKCSS & Mr. CHUA Hoi Wai, JP, Chief Executive, HKCSS