The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Data BankHKCSS is the powerhouse of social statistics of Hong Kong, providing recommendations and references to the government, as well as the general public. We compile data and trends, put together studies and reports, conduct policy analysis and researches on specific social issues and assess impacts of social services programs on our society. Our Social Development Index of Hong Kong is the only on-going social indicator system established in Hong Kong.
We regularly issue articles and comments that reflect our views on different social topics and invite key opinion leaders to join our discussions.

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2019/11/21 《社情》66期 – 一起走過認知障礙 Rehabilitation Service
2019/11/20 《AM730》社情特輯:一起走過認知障礙 Rehabilitation Service
2019/09/17 《AM730》社情特輯:採購‧社會責任 Social Enterprises
2019/09/13 《社情》65期 - 採購‧社會責任 Social Enterprises
2019/06/21 《社情》64期 - 輪椅人士的「一步之遙」 Rehabilitation Service
2019/06/19 《AM730》社情特輯:一步之遙 Rehabilitation Service
2019/03/19 《AM730》社情特輯:驅走家中「大象」 借繪本力量 說出隱藏心底的秘密 Family Service
2019/03/18 《社情》63期 - 投入親子共讀的世界 Family Service
2018/11/19 《社情》62期 - 科技 ‧ 樂齡 Innovation and Technology for Ageing
2018/11/15 《AM730》社情特輯:最貼地、最有用樂齡科技雲集會展 Innovation and Technology for Ageing
2018/10/11 《AM730》社情特輯:非同凡響的故事 Children Service
2018/10/08 《社情》61期 – 非同凡響 Children Service
2018/08/02 《AM730》社情特輯:我們都是照顧者 Elderly Service
2018/08/01 《社情》60期 - 我們都是照顧者 Elderly Service
2018/05/03 《AM730》社情特輯:社會房屋 Housing
2018/04/23 《社情》59期 - 共住 共生 Housing
2018/02/08 《AM730》社情特輯: 共親職 Family Service
2018/01/25 《社情》58期 - 共親職 Family Service
2017/11/27 《AM730》社情特輯: 同行。七十年 Social Development
2017/11/21 《社情》57期 - 同行。七十年 Social Development
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