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Modular Social Housing Project – Pre-qualification of Service Operator

Housing – News      2019/08/07

Modular Social Housing Project is a social housing project launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service with the supported by the Government and the joint efforts of The Community Care Fund, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, private companies, and NGOs/social enterprises. The project adopts modular integrated construction approach to building transitional social housing on idle land available for short-term usage in an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way.

The objective of the Project is, through the provision of transitional accommodation and support services, to improve the quality of life for those who have been waiting for the public rental housing for at least 3 years while living in indecent housing units. While providing transitional social housing, the project recruits NGOs/social enterprises to manage and provide community network building and support services so as to improve residents’ social capital and develop their capacity for living independently in the community.

Since we launched the Community Housing Movement, a pre-qualification mechanism has been set and maintained for all NGOs/social enterprises who are interested in operating social housing projects to apply for becoming pre-qualified operators. A related working group under HKCSS is to review these applications and all the approved applicants will then be listed as pre-qualified operators, having a qualification to operate social housing. In this Modular Social Housing Project, we are going to adopt the same approach.  Only listed pre-qualified operators will be invited to express interest and submit service project proposal.  We shall follow our procedure to examine and select one of them to operate the modular social housing project.  

We therefore write to invite you to apply for the status of pre-qualified operators if you are interested to operate either the housing units under the Community Housing Movement or the Modular Social Housing Project.  For those already listed as pre-qualified operators under “Community Housing Movement”, NO additional application is required.

Please submit application form on or before 14th August 2019 (Wed) by email ([email protected]) or fax (fax no.: 3611 5379). For enquiry, please contact Ms. Queenie Kwok at 3596 7558.

Thank you for your attention.


Download: (Chinese Version only)

Introduction on Modular Social Housing Project

Pre-qualification application form