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Community Housing Movement – Inviting NGOs and social enterprises to operate individual owners’ unit

Housing – News      2018/02/15

Community Housing Movement is a new initiative of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. We are committed to working with property owners, NGOs and social enterprises to provide affordable and decent transitional social housing. The project is aimed at not only meeting the temporary housing needs of the grassroots without support of public rental housing, but also enhancing their individual capacity, and strengthening their community network. Through the provision of social housing, tenants are empowered to live independently in the market or move to the public rental housing.

After the project was launched, the HKCSS are collecting some vacant flats from different property owners who are willing to rent out their flats for more than 3 years and at the rent below market price. These flats are usually scattered across 18 districts and can’t be grouped for renting. In view of this, we have made an alternative arrange to facilitate NGOs and social enterprises to operate. Interested operators may indicate certain districts, using the attached “letter of interest”. Once we have got offers by individual flat owners in those districts, and after due inspection by our Council, we shall release the information concerning those units to the agencies who have expressed interest in operating social housing units in the concerned districts for consideration. If the agencies concerned are interested to rent those units, they can then submit a service proposal delineating how they are going to operate. Same as other projects, during the operation period, the operator is expected to work with the Council to evaluate the effectiveness and social impact, and to explore the long-term development of transitional social housing service in Hong Kong.

If NGOs and social enterprises are interested in operating small number of units, please fill in the letter of interest attached and submit to the Council on or before 15th March, 2018 (Thursday) by mail ([email protected]) or by fax (3611 5379). 

If your organization is not yet a prequalified service operator, please also hand in the application form together with the letter of interest. Otherwise, please hand in the letter of interest form only. For enquiry, please contact Ms. Yang at 3596 7557.

Thank you for your attention.