The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 1 Meeting 2016-17

Date: 5 December, 2016
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Room 203, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1. Welcome new members 

2. Endorsement of minutes of last meeting held on October 24, 2016 (Appendix 1) 

3. Election of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Representative to Executive Committee 

4. Appointment of Representatives to Steering Committee of WiseGiving and Caring Company Scheme

5. Mid term review of Business Work for Year 2015/16 (Appendix 2) 

6. Business Plan - Engagement of stakeholders in the following areas (Appendix 3) 

  1. Age friendly society and silver market
  2. Social innovation
  3. Employment of people with disability
  4. Upward mobility for young people
  5. Family friendly workplace
  6. Corporate volunteering
  7. Barrier free accessibility
  8. Social inclusion for EMs       

7. Any other business 

8. Date of next meeting


Present  :    

Ms. Cheung Wing Suet, Wendy (Chairperson) - St. James' Settlement

Ms. Yip Yun Wan, Amarantha (Vice-Chairperson) - Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Ms. Chan Ka Po, Judy (The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd.)

Ms. Chau Shuk King, Kitty (Christian Family Service Centre)

Ms. Leung Shuk Yee, Irene (Senior Citizen Home Safety Association)

Mr. Szeto Kwong Chiu, Ralph (CMRS Digital Solutions Ltd.)

Ms. Ting Suk Yee, Regina (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council)

Ms. Wong Si Wan, Winnie (Hong Kong Red Cross)

Ms. Yuen Kwai Fong, Daisy (MTR Corporation Ltd.) 

Apologies :   

Mr. Orr Ka Yeung, Kevin (Winner Medical (Hong Kong) Ltd.)

Ms. Wong May Kwan, May (Hans Andersen Club)

Mr. Stephen Wong (Caritas - Hong Kong)      

Ms. Yeung Pin Mui Maggie (The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association)

Mr. Yuen Siu Lam (Hong Kong Alliance of Patients' Organizations Limited) 

In attendance:

Mr. Cliff Choi (Business Director, PEP, HKCSS)

Ms. Christine Kwan (Senior Manager, WiseGiving)

Mr. Eddie Tsang (Senior Manager, Corporate Communciations)

Ms. Wendy Luk (Senior Manager, Caring Company Scheme)

Mr. Ray Yeung (Officer, Corporate Communications) - Recorder


1.          Welcome new members 

Cliff Choi welcomed new Members to the PEP Standing Committee and thanks for their support to the Council. 

2.          Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting 

The minutes of the last meeting held on 24 October 2016 were adopted. 

3.          Election of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Representative to Executive Committee 

3.1      Wendy Cheung and Amarantha Yip were elected the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of Standing Committee on Public Engagement and Partnership respectively. 

3.2      Wendy Cheung, Chairperson will be the Representative to the HKCSS Executive Committee. 

4.          Appointment of Representatives to Steering Committee of WiseGiving and Caring Company Scheme 

4.1      Kitty Chau was appointed as representative to Steering Committee of WiseGiving. 

4.2      Irene Leung was appointed as representative to Steering Committee of Caring Company Scheme. 

5.          Midterm review of Business Plan 2015/16 

5.1      Cliff Choi updated Progress of Business Plan 2015/16

  • Maintained a sizable Caring Company platform with 3200+ companies nominated.
  • Set up the SME Caring Alliance and maintained a targeted platform for 300+ SMEs
  • Showcased NGOs’ goodwill and best practice through the Partnership Expo, with 80+ NGO exhibitors participated.
  • Promoted Barrier Free Accessibility and 160+ sites listed as barrier free settings through NGO assessments.
  • Microfilm 【太平地】published in Nov 2016. Feedback is encouraging with more than 400K views. 

5.2      Wendy Luk reported on business engagements through Caring Company Scheme. Companies are willing to give solutions to social issues by processing CSR projects.  

6.          Business Plan - Engagement of stakeholders in the following areas & Discussion 

6.1      HKCSS 70th anniversary in 2017

  • Themes: Ageing Society & Technology Innovation
  • Signature event: Tech in Ageing Expo cum Summit in mid 2017
  • Partners with the government to organize the Expo cum Summit, including Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office, Innovation and Technology Bureau, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.
  • Exhibiters and partners from Europe, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore were approached. 

PEP Standing Committee Members suggested:

  • Encourage different industries to join the silver market, e.g. toy industry for elderly.
  • Look for new exhibition partners, e.g. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong.
  • More interactive among exhibitors and participants.
  • Inform staff of NGOs’ service centres to promote the Expo cum Summit to the service users. 

6.2      HKCSS Convention in late 2017

  • It may be held in Nov 2017 together with HKCSS AGM.
  • Themes: future society and interfacing with technology and human touch.
  • Exchange the innovation experience among welfare sector.
  • Facilitate cross-sectoral collaborations, such as education, medical, transportation & architecture.
  • Cocktail reception to celebrate HKCSS 70th anniversary will be held in the afternoon, NGO broad members will be further engaged. 

PEP Standing Committee Members suggested:

  • Engage environmental protection industry and NGOs to join HKCSS Convention. 

6.3      Developing a tool on Creating Shared Value

  • Our Hong Kong Foundation engaged HKCSS to develop a tool on Creating Shared Value. It is somehow similar to the design of Caring Company Award that commending caring companies.
  • The foundation preferred to organize a new award scheme instead of integrate with Caring Company Scheme.
  • It is a new move of CSR and sustainability for companies in HK. 

PEP Standing Committee Members suggested:

  • Differentiate the positions between Caring Company Scheme and new tool.
  • Maintain the advantages of Caring Company Scheme.
  • Educate general public and business the difference between CSR and shared values.   

6.4      Project List for Year 2016/17

  • Cliff reported some PEP projects for Year 2016/17, e.g. promoting aged friendly society, supporting long term care service for elderly, facilitating upward mobility for young people as well as promoting volunteerism. 

7.          Progress Report 

7.1      Caring Company Scheme

  • 2017 marks the 15th Anniversary of Caring Company Scheme.
  • Caring Company Partnership Expo will be held on 10 March 2017.
  • Study Visit on Sustainable Development and Corporate Community Investment in Japan will be organized on 21-24 March 2017. 

7.2      Corporate Communications

  • HKCSS has already communicated with Mr Woo Kwok Hing, who is also looking forward to meet the welfare sector. It was confirmed that our first CE Election Forum will be held on 15 December 2016. Committee members were welcomed to join the forum. 

7.3      WiseGiving

  • The 2nd Microfilm【生如夏花】 will be published in Dec 2016. 

8.          Any other business

8.1      Cliff reminded of HKCSS’s new declaration policy and asked members to fill in the“Declaration of Interests Form by Members of Governing Committees of HKCSS”.  

9.          Date of next meeting 

The members scheduled the next meeting on February 16, 2017 at 4pm. 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.