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Agenda and Minutes -
The 1 Meeting 2016/17

Date: 7/12/2016
Time: 2:3pm-5:00pm
Location: Room 1410, 14/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bu

  1. Welcome newly elected members
  2. Election of Chairperson
  3. Election of Vice-Chairperson
  4. Confirmation of the Agenda
  5. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting (App 1)
  6. Highlights of work units (App 2 – progress report)
  7. Selection of representatives to serve in various Steering Committees and Task Groups (App 3)
  8. Co-option of new members
  9. A. O. B.
  10. Date of next meeting

          18 January, 2017 (Wed), 9 March, 2017 (Thursday), 25 May, 2017(Thursday),

          27 July, 2017 (Thursday), 21 September (Thursday)

          *All meeting will be started at 2:30pm                                                                                                                            

In order to effectively channel the views, concerns and suggestions of some current issues to SWD, the Council has arranged an extended meeting for the members of Standing Committee on Sector and Capacity Development and Specialized Committee on Sector Finance on different aspects of Lump Sum Grant issues and Lotteries Fund issues. We expect to focus the discussion on issues of concerns including:   


  1. Concern over intended actions of disclosing financial reports and salary information of staff in top 3 tiers of subvented Social Service Agencies by SWD on Department website
  2. Discussion on Cross subsidization
  3. Advocacy for setting up industrial standard – central administrative formula  
  4. Concern over the obstacles of adopting chapter 5 of Lotteries Fund Manual in approving projects and the definition of “welfare related”




Mr KWOK Lit Tung

Christian Family Service Centre


Ms CHAN Ching Yee, Susan

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong


Mr AU YEUNG, Peter

Heep Hong Society


Ms LO Ka Lok, Annie

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Ms WONG Sim Yim, Rebecca  

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited


Ms YEUNG Kin Ha, Yvonne 

Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association


Ms YEUNG Yee Ching, Noel

Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service


Ms WONG Kin Ho, Kathy

Playright Children's Play Association


Ms Irene LEUNG

Salvation Army, The


Ms CHOI Ka Yi, Jenny  

St James’ Settlement



Mr WONG Man Tai, James

Hong Kong People’s Council on Housing Policy

In attendance:

Dr John FUNG



Ms CHEUNG Lai Wah (Secretary)



Ms Lois LAM



Ms Antonia CHAN



Ms Stella HO



Mr Tony LEE  



Mr TAM Wai Kuen 



Mr KO Yau Keung, Francis (Recorder)



1. Welcoming new members

Dr John FUNG welcomed all the members and introduced the roles of the Committee. Dr Fung especially welcomed the new members, namely Ms Rebecca Wong, Ms Jenny Choi and Mr Peter Au Yeung.


2. Election of Chairperson

Mr Kwok Lit Tung was nominated by Ms Yvonne Yeung, seconded by Ms Kathy Wong. Mr Kwok Kit Tung was elected as the Chairperson (2016-17).   


3. Election of Vice-Chairperson

Ms Noel Yeung was nominated by Mr Kwok Lit Tung, seconded by Ms Annie Lo. Ms Noel Yeung was elected to be the Vice-chairperson (2016-17).


4. Confirmation of Agenda

4.1    Since Mr James Leung, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service had resigned from his agency, a make-up nomination will be discussed in Agenda 8.

4.2     A retreat day is proposed which will be discussed in AOB.

4.3     The time of this meeting stated in the Agenda was amended to be 2:30pm-5:00pm.

4.4     The Agenda was confirmed.


5. Confirmation of Minutes of the Last Meeting

Item 3.6 “The Committee concluded that did not see the need for a rush for settlement and advised proceed with caution. The Committee advised proceed with caution, with special attention to ...” was amended as “The Committee concluded that did not see the need for a rush for settlement. The Committee advised proceed with caution, with special attention to ...”

The minutes of the last meeting was confirmed after the above amendment.


6. Highlights of work units

6.1    Membership Liaison and Service

6.1.1   A paper on the enhancement on Lump Sum Grant will be addressed and drafted to the Chief Secretary in response to the speech delivered by Chief Secretary in the AGM of HKCSS. The main themes include the enhancement of the Lump Sum Grant system for sustainable development, the establishment of the review mechanism on LSG, the objection for “cross-subsidization”, definition of FSA-related activities, etc. The paper will be circulated to the Committee members for consultation.

6.1.2   Data had been collected from 13 Agency Members on whether they could afford the cost of personal emolument of their subvented posts under the existing LSG funding mode. More data would be collected from four agencies.  

6.1.3   In regard of the Industry Standard, Committee members opined that 6% - 8% was still too low since the actual expenditure was up to 10%.

6.1.4   The meeting on Best Practice Manual was held at Social Welfare Department on 30 Nov 2016. The suggested amendments had been proposed by SWD and the paper was tabled.


6.2     HKCSS Institute

6.2.1   The Project on ExCEL 3 with Hong Kong University was completed. The Leadership Project was being arranged and the details would be announced by the end of December. The courses would be launched by the end of Feb till July 2017. Enrollment would be open on Dec and the targets of the Project would be the agency heads.

6.2.2   NGO Management Seminar on the Integrity of the Management of NGOs will be launched on 14 Dec 2016. Representative from ICAC will the speaker.


6.3     NGO Governance Platform Project

6.3.1    A seminar will be held 14 Dec 2016 in regard of the Company Ordinance and the amendment on Memorandum of Articles.

6.3.2    A Director’s Luncheon will be held on 17 Feb 2017 and an Induction Programme will be held on 4 Feb 2017.


6.4    International & Mainland China Affairs

The Council had followed the issue on the <境外非政府組織境內活動管理法>. An exchange network has been formed to facilitate further exchange and disseminate related updates regarding this law. 71 agency members had joined the network. The Council has been making invitation for the responsible Chinese government officials to meet agency members to exchange their opinions and concern.


6.5    Information Technology Resource Centre

6.5.1    ITRC Forum had been held on 12 Dec 2016 at Cyberport with renowned speakers.   The theme was “Computing Everywhere” and cases were shared about the challenges of information security.

6.5.2    A research study on the Cloud service had been released in which half of the NGO respondents were found without mobile application.  

6.5.3    A donation programme subsidized by Microsoft will be launched. US$5000 usage fee will be provided for web server and details will be released.

6.5.4    John added that the name of ITRC will be renamed with the elements of “innovation”. The concept of innovation will also be applied in the Elderly Service of HKCSS in view of the aging population in Hong Kong. A Technology Expo and Summit for Elderly will be held in the midst of June 2017. ITRC and ILRC will be merged together, more emphases on “innovation” an use of technology.  First initiative is “Ageing Society and Innovation”.  


7. Selection of representatives to serve in various Steering Committees and Task Groups

After much deliberation, the following members of this Standing Committee had been selected to serve in various Committees:

7.1    Executive Committee – Mr FONG Cheung Fat

7.2    Steering Committee for the HKCSS Institute – Ms Susan CHAN and Ms Rebecca WONG

7.3    Steering Committee for Joint Insurance Scheme – Ms Annie LO

7.4    Steering Committee on HKCSS Development Fund – Ms Kathy WONG

7.5    Steering Committee on Work in Mainland China – Ms Noel YEUNG

7.6    Steering Committee on Governance Platform Project – Ms Yvonne YEUNG

7.7    Steering Committee on ITRC – Mr Peter Au YEUNG and Ms Jenny CHOI


8. Co-option of new members

8.1    Since one of the elected members had resigned from the employed agency, by referring the existing mechanism of filling up vacancies, the candidate with the next highest votes will be the replacement of resigned member. In this manner, Mr CHUN Shing-chi (鍾承志先生) will be the replaced member on a two-year term.


8.2    There are 4 seats available in the co-option of new members. The arrangement of Co-option will be discussed in next meeting.


9. A.O.B.

A retreat will be held to discuss about the work plan of the Committee in the coming year.


10. Date of next meeting

The following dates were proposed and agreed by the members as below –

18 Jan 2017 was changed to 23 Jan 2017 (Mon) – Half-day Retreat

9 Mar 2017 (Thu), Second meeting

25 May 2017 (Thu), Third meeting

27 Jul 2017 (Thu), Fourth meeting

21 Sept 2017 (Thu), Fifth meeting  


*All meetings will be commenced at 2:30pm