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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 2016/2017

Date: January 11, 2017
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


1. Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting – November 15, 2016

2. Matters Arising 
2.1 Cooption of Members (paper 1)

3. For Discussion
3.1 Advocacy on Maintenance Board and Specialized Service for Divorced Families (paper 2)
3.2 Parental Substance Abuse (paper 3)

4. For Information
4.1 HKSAR CE Election (paper 4)
4.2 Consultation on Sexual Offences involving Children and Persons with Mental Impairment (paper 5)
4.3 Consultation on HK2030+ (paper 6)

5. Progress Update (Paper 7)

6. Any Other Business

7. Date of next meeting – March 15, 2017



Mrs Angela CHIU (Chairperson) 

Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council


Caritas – Hong Kong

Ms Jessie YU

Hong Kong Single Parents Association

Mr Kerin CHAM

International Social Service Hong Kong Branch

Ms Ramy CHAK

The Salvation Army

Mr NG Ka-kui, Charles

Christian Family Service Centre

Mrs Doris LEE

Harmony House Limited

Mrs Cross LEUNG

Hong Kong Christian Service

Ms Charrix LEE

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Mr CHAN Ching-wa

Hong Kong SKH Lady MacLehose Centre

Ms Tammy SO

Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association 

Mr FU Tsun-hung


Mr Kenny NG

Community Development Alliance

Ms YUEN How-sin

Community Drug Advisory Council

Ms Crystal CHENG

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Mr Moses MUI

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Ms Lynn LAW

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Mr CHAN Wing-Sun

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Ms Noel CHOW (recorder)

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service



Ms Wendy WONG

St James' Settlement

Mr Daniel CHU

Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service

Ms HSU Siu-man

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Dr Margaret WONG  

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Ms Mable KWOK

Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service 

Ms Agnes NG



1.        Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting - November 15, 2016

The minutes of last meeting was distributed to members by email on January 5, 2017 and confirmed with nil amendment.


2.        Matters Arising

2.1     Co-option of Members

Paper 1:  Updated Membership list of the Committee 2016-2018 (paper 1) had been sent to members for reference before the meeting.  Mr Moses Mui introduced the 2 newly co-opted member, Mr Kenny Ng and Ms Yuen How-sin, representative from Network on Community Development Service and Network on Substance Abuse Service respectively.  Members were informed that another co-opted member from Network on Ethnic Minorities would attend the next meeting.


3.      For Discussion

3.1     Advocacy on Maintenance Board and Specialized Service for Divorced Families

Paper 2:  「《子女管養權及探視權報告書》建議 - 擬議法例」公眾諮詢跟進工作 was sent to members for update of latest progress of the Council's advocacy on Maintenance Board and Specialized Service for divorced families.  Mr Moses Mui explained the background of the advocacy to members.  He also briefed the progress of both HKSAR Government and the Council after the concerned consultation which was completed in March 2016.


A seminar was held on December 20, 2016 to gather users, academic professionals, lawyers and LegCo members to discuss the proposed maintenance board.  Yet, no government officials attended the event though invitations were sent to SWD and HAB.


While members were noted that the proposed bill might be put up to LegCo later in 2017, .following concerns and views were raised in the meeting:

i)           more efforts should be made to lobby support from LegCo members, including Mr Shiu Ka-chun and judges of Family Court;

ii)         implication of the proposed bill on social resource (e.g. public housing) should be highlighted;

iii)        while the proposed Maintenance Board to be advocated as long-term solution, the existing policy or practice regarding CSSA cases should be improved as interim measure;  and

iv)        lacking of co-ordination between government departments and bureaux should also be highlighted.

Members were noted that Study on Single Parent Poverty conducted by Council will be released in February, 2017 to arouse public concern on the difficulty faced by single parents with maintenance issue.


3.2      Parental Substance Abuse

Paper 3: 香港社會服務聯會 交立法會兒童權利小組委員會「濫藥家庭兒童支援措施」 意見書submitted on December 22, 2016 was sent to members for reference.  Ms Lynn Law highlighted the background of the issue of parental substance abuse and the latest development.  Recommendations in service enhancement, data collection, training and cross-disciplinary co-operation were mentioned.


There was a related training seminar on children protection held in January 10, 2017 organized by the Council. Over 200 participants from different services attended with very positive feedback.


A public hearing would be held on January 16, 2017.  After discussion, members suggested the following:

i)      review of existing policy of residential child care services is needed;

ii)     public education on impact of drug abuse on babies could be strengthened for early identification; and

ii)     collaboration platform among social services and medical professions in district level should be promoted.


4.      For Information

4.1     HKSAR CE Election

Besides sharing paper 4:  香港社會服務聯會 向2017年行政長官選舉候選人建議之社會發展及福利政綱 to members, a memorandum regarding 2017 HKSAR Chief Executive Election Forum was distributed in the meeting.  Mr Moses Mui introduced the series of forums held / to be held by Council with HKSAR Chief Executive Election candidates.


In particular, the issue of support for new public housing estates was raised. It was suggested that in-depth discussion will be held in the next SC meeting.  Meanwhile, Mr Chan Wing Sun, responsible for the subject of community development, would send a memo regarding the concerned roundtable forum to be held on February 15, 2017 to members.


4.2     Consultation on Sexual Offences involving Children and Persons with Mental Impairment

Paper 5:  a memo of 《涉及兒童及精神缺損人士的性罪行》諮詢會 was sent to members for reference.  Mr Chan Wing Sun briefed the briefed members on the consultation background and major concerns discussed in our Network on Domestic & Sexual Violence Service.  A consultation session will be held in January 17, 2017.  Members were encouraged to participate for in-depth discussion.


4.3     Consultation on HK2030+

A powerpoint was printed as paper 6:  香港2030+ 跨越2030年的規劃遠景與策略 - 簡介及初步跟進工作建議and distributed to members for information in the meeting.  Mr Keith Wong, Chief Officer (Policy & Research Advocacy) explained the background and scope of the consultation.


Members were noted that the Planning Department would give a briefing on this consultation on February 6, 2017 in Council.  Members were cordially invited to express their views.


5.      Networks' Progress Update

The Progress Report (December 2016 - January 2017) of the Family and Community Service (paper 7) were sent for members' information.  The items included:

i)             Advocacy on Maintenance Board;

ii)            Cross-service Dialogue on Parental Substance Abuse;

iii)          New Public Housing Social Support Service;  and

iv)          Happy Family Kitchen Movement Project.


Supplementary updates were made as following:

i)         Network on Ethnic Minorities

Ms Lynn Law informed members that a 3-sessions Symposium on Language Policy and Social Inclusion would be held on February 10 and 11, 2017.

ii)        Network on Community Development

           Mr Kenny Ng highlighted the progress of following up the advocacy on the support for new public housing estate.


iii)       Network on Substance Abuse Service

           Members were encouraged to share their views on SWD’s review on procedural guide in handling child abuse cases.


6.      Any Other Business

6.1      The pamphlet of Best Practice Award 2017 was tabled.  This year's theme would be "促進社群參與 推動正面轉變".  Mr Moses Mui encouraged members for active participation.  A briefing session would be held on January 20, 2017.


7.      Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting would be held on March 15, 2017.


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.