The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 5 Meeting 16/17

Date: 19/7/2017
Time: 10:00am
Location: 1410


1.  To receive the agenda

2.  To confirm the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)

3.  Business Update

3.1         Policy Research and Advocacy

3.2         Social Impact Assessment

3.3         Update on Overseas Event

4.  Matters for Discussion

4.1         HKCSS’s Social Housing Project 

5.  Any other business

6.  Next date of meeting





19 July, 2017 (Wednesday)


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon


Room 1410, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


Mr. CHAN Kin Hung, Charles (Chairperson)

-   The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong


Mr. SIN Leung Kai

(Vice Chairperson)

-   The Salvation Army - New Territories West Integrated Service


Ms. CHAN Chung Ho, Karrie

-   Hong Kong Christian Service


Mr. Keith Wong (Secretary)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Mr. NG Sze On

-   St. James’ Settlement


Mr. LAY Yan Piau, Bill

-   Caritas – Hong Kong


Dr. CHUNG Ting Yiu, Robert

-   The University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme (Co-opted)


Ms. LIU Kam Fung, Iris

-   International Social Service Hong Kong Branch


Dr. CHUNG Kim Wah


-   Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Co-opted)

In attendance:

Mr. Charles Ho

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Ms. Agnes Yang (Recorder)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

1.      To receive the agenda

The agenda was adopted without amendment.


2.      To confirm minute of the last meeting

The minute was adopted without amendment.


3.      Business Update

3.1  Policy Research and Advocacy

Housing Progress Update

The members were informed about the idea of the community housing programme that the Council co-worked with the HKSAR Government. The HKCSS was going to work with different stakeholders in the community to make use of the idled housing in the community to provide affordable transitional housing to the people in need. 

Research on Public Health

The schedule of the research on public health would be postponed, given the team’s workload on housing advocacy.

Service Research: Community Development in New Public Housing Estate

The SD team had visited the support teams of the new public rental house estate to have more understanding on their services and the community needs they tried to accommodate, as the ground work for supporting the CD network to conduct the captioned research.

3.2  Social Impact Assessment

The new project officer Mr. Apollo Chu was on board on July 2. He is a RSW with research training background.

3.3  Study Visit to Germany on Cooperative Housing for Low-income Families and Elderly

The Study Visit to Germany on Cooperative Housing for Low-income Families and Elderly will be held on Oct 23 to 29. Mr. NG Sze On, Mr. SIN Leung Kai and Ms. Iris Liu agreed to serve as the members of Vetting Panel for the visit. 


4.      Matters for discussion

4.1  HKCSS’s Social Housing Project

Mr. Charles Ho introduced the new initiative on social housing to the members. It aimed to meet the needs of the deprived households on temporary housing and develop their community network. URA agreed to provide 14 units in Mong Kok. The Council will invite NGOs and social enterprises who are interested in practicing and exploring innovative social housing services to be the operator. Members gave feedbacks to the project on:

  • Operation model
  • Potential social impact of the project
  • The involvement of NGOs
  • The tenants’ readiness for co-housing
  • Potential risk and control


5.      Any other business

5.1  Specialized Committee Election

Mr. Sin Leung Kai, Ms. Karrie Chan and Ms. Iris Liu had completed the term of 2015 – 17. Mr. Keith Wong, on behalf of the Council and the unit, expressed the wholehearted thanks to their contributions. Mr. Keith Wong also encouraged members to recommend their colleagues to run for the election. 


6.      Next date of meeting

The Secretariat would consult members’ availability via email before confirming the schedule for the next meeting.  (Post-meeting note: The meeting was subsequently scheduled on Nov 6, 2017.)

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon