The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 4 Meeting 16/17

Date: 10/5/2017
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Room 1002A


1.  To adopt the agenda of the meeting


2.  To adopt the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)


3.  Matters for Discussions

3.1.   Council’s Response to 2030+ Consultation (Appendix 2, to follow)

3.2.   Draft Annual Submission: 5 years Social Development Agenda (Appendix 3)


4.  AOB


5.  Date of Next Meeting


Minutes of the 4th meeting held on May 10, 2017 (Wednesday) at 2:30pm in Room 1002A of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.


Mr. Chau Yin Ming, Francis (Chairperson)


The Association of Evangelical Free Churches of HK

Ms. So Suk Yin, Susan (Vice-Chairperson)


Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

Mr. Chow Sung Ming


Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ms. Wong Wai Mui, Nancy


Christian Family Service Centre

Ms. Siu Ka Yan, Sky


Kely Support Group

Mr. Chan Pun Lai, Benny


Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Ms. Liu Kam Fung, Iris


International Social Service Hong Kong Branch

Mr. Wong Chi Hung, Edmond


Caritas – Hong Kong

Mr. Stephen Wong


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Yep Kin Man, Ray


City University of Hong Kong

Mr. Chan Kin Hung, Charles


Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - HK (Representative of Specialized Committee on Social Development)

Ms. Connie Ng


St. James’ Settlement (Representative of Specialized Committee on Social Security and Employment Policy)







Mr. Anthony Wong



Mr. Keith Wong



Ms. Olivia Ip (Recorder)









Ms. Hung Tak Fung, Anchor


Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Dr. Lui Wai Ling, Annissa


Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service

Mr. Fung Kai Man, David


St. James’ Settlement

Ms. Ngai Mei Mui, Angela


Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

1.      To adopt the minutes of last meeting

The minutes of last meeting dated March 9, 2017 were confirmed with no amendment.

2.      Progress Report

2.1  After Chief Executive Election 2017, the Council was going to meet new elected Chief Executive, Mrs. Carrie Lam with members of HKCSS’s EXCO and Chairpersons of Standing Committee.  Mr. Anthony Wong would try to arrange the meeting on June 2017.  (Post meeting note: Mrs Carrie Lam was not available for June because of her busy schedule.  Since she already announced that the Policy Address would be announced in October, there would likely be a chance for our Council and the sector to be consulted in the coming months.  The proposed idea of having a meeting with her would be put on hold.)

3.      Matters for Discussion

3.1  Council’s Response to 2030+ Consultation

3.1.1        Mr. Keith Wong briefed the background on 2030+ Consultation to PRA members, and told members that several Consultation Meetings were held during this period to consult stakeholders within our sector. 

3.1.2        Members suggested to add the followings into the paper:

-          Parenting/family/child friendly design;

-          long term town planning including increase the ratio of public rental housing in all re-developed or newly developed residential spaces to ensure equity;

-          walkable city standard with social network and social capital city;

-          cross-border family planning policy;

-          friendly public space policy for all age groups;

-          green city (energy saving city) and flexibility on the use of lands;

-          population policy;

-          more public space for youth and encourage youth participation, the ethnic minorities and the domestic helps.

-          Policy formulation mechanism and the participation of NGOs as well as the general public.

3.1.3        Mr. Anthony Wong thanked members’ input and would revise and circulate the paper to PRA Standing Committee for endorsement as soon as possible. 

3.1.4        Deadline for submission to the Development Bureau was April 30, 2017.  Planning Department consent was obtained that our Council paper would be submitted in mid-May.

3.2  Draft Annual Submission: 5 Year Social Development Agenda

3.2.1        Members shared their views and suggested to include:

-          The first point on “社會分化、亟待修補”, the chairman suggested to move the bullet point of political division to the bottom.  The Council should focus more on social division.

-          The theme on family was under-developed.  Members suggested:

-> function of the Family Council should be reviewed,

-> co-parenting support service should be mentioned,

-> other family friendly measure should be considered. 

-> Cross-border families, particularly the increasing number of adult children, should also be highlighted.  (Iris Kam agreed to propose concrete measures to be include.) 

-> set up “ Alimony Council ” (膳養費局);

-> help young couple to overcome problem of infertility;

-          Policies and measures for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

3.2.2        Mr. Anthony Wong would revise the paper.  The revised paper would be further examined in the coming Standing Committee meeting.  The target was to submit the paper for ExCo’s endorsement by end of July.

4.      Any Other Business


5.      Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting was proposed to be held at July 14, 2017 (Friday) at 9:30am in Room 1002A (10/F) of Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.