The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 16/17

Date: 25/1/2017
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Room 1204


1     To receive the agenda

2     To confirm the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)

3     Business Update

3.1         Policy Research and Advocacy

3.2         Social Impact Assessment

3.3         Chief Executive Election 2017 

4     Matters for Discussion

4.1         Year Plan 2017-2018

4.2         Vetting panel for the overseas event

4.3         Proposal of rental market regulation

5     Any other business

6     Next date of meeting





January 25, 2017 (Wednesday)


2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Room 1204, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building


Mr. CHAN Kin Hung, Charles (Chairperson)

-   The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong


Mr. SIN Leung Kai

(Vice Chairperson)

-   The Salvation Army - New Territories West Integrated Service


Ms. CHAN Chung Ho, Karrie

-   Hong Kong Christian Service


Ms. LIU Kam Fung, Iris

-   International Social Service Hong Kong Branch


Mr. Keith Wong (Secretary)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Mr. NG Sze On

-   St. James’ Settlement


Mr. LAY Yan Piau, Bill

-   Caritas – Hong Kong


Dr. CHUNG Ting Yiu, Robert

-   The University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme (Co-opted)


Dr. CHUNG Kim Wah

-   Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In attendance:

Mr. Charles Ho

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Ms. Agnes Yang (Recorder)

-   The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

1.      To welcome new co-opted members

Mr. Keith Wong represented the committee to welcome Dr. Chung Kim Wah.

2.      To receive the agenda

The agenda was adopted without amendment.

3.      To confirm minute of the last meeting

The minute was adopted with without amendment.

4.      Business Update

4.1  Policy Research and Advocacy

Working Group on Housing Policy

With the support of the Committee Chair, the group had invited two architects to share the challenges of using the container house for recreational purposes. As follow up, Mr. Charles Ho will go to Panyu to visit the manufacturer of Netherland’s container house. (Post-meeting note: Mr. Charles Ho visited the manufacturer on 17 Feb.)

4.2  Social Impact Assessment

SIA team will conduct one more SIA project for the “Family in Crisis Pilot Support Project” of St James’ Settlement. Given that there is an increasing demand of social service agencies to ask for support, the Centre will further develop her service by providing different trainings, as well as further develop the SIA framework for practical applications.

4.3 Chief Executive Election 2017

A series of the Chief Executive Election Forum 2017 will be held before the CE election. The first Forum with Mr. Woo Kwok Hing had been held on 15 Dec. The second Forum with Mrs. Regina Ip will be held on Feb 13. Members are invited to join this forum. The Council will try to approach Mr. John Tsang and Mrs. Carrie Lam to run the election forums.

(Post-meeting note: the third Forum for Mr.. John Tsang was held on Feb 22 and the fourth Forum with Mrs. Carrie Lam was held on March 3.)

5.      Matters for discussion

5.1 Year Plan 2017-2018

Mr. Keith Wong presented the initial 17-18 year plan and he invited members to five feedbacks. In light of the new term of government, the key areas the SD team is going to work on in the coming years including:

  • Engage NGOs / civil groups to make proposals to policy makers and build public awareness on housing and public health.
  • Monitoring overall social development trend of Hong Kong
  • Problem and solution identification for social development through social research
  • Sector capacity building in policy advocacy
  • Sector capacity building in research and social impact assessment

Members agreed with the year plan.

5.2 Vetting panel for the overseas event

Three overseas events will be organized in this year. The first one is the European Conference for Social Work Research 2017, which will take place in Denmark during 19-21 April 2017. The conference is calling for application. Mr. Charles Chan, Ms. Karrie Chan and Ms. Iris Liu agreed to serve as the members of Vetting Panel for this event.

5.3 Proposal of rental market regulation

Mr. Charles Ho presented the proposal of market rental regulation to the members. This regulation is designed under 5 principles and tried to strike a balance between the tenant’s right and owner’s interest. Members agreed with the proposal. The staff team will further work with the senior management and related committee for finalizing and endorsing the proposal.

6.      Any other business

6.1  Policy Bulletin

Mr. Keith Wong recommended inviting Dr. Cheung Siu Keung, an Associate Professor of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, to join the editorial board of Policy Bulletin. (Post-meeting note: Dr. Cheung accepted the invitation.)

6.2  Planning Department's briefing on 2030+ consultation paper

The representative of the Planning Department will come to HKCSS and gives us a briefing on 2030 plus consultation paper on Feb 8. It is a territory-wide planning strategy for the direction of town planning in the coming years. Mr. Keith Wong and Mr. Charles Ho will further work on the preparation of our Council’s submission.

7.      Next date of meeting

The meeting was subsequently scheduled on March 30, 2017 at 10:00 a.m..

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m..