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Agenda and Minutes -
The 2 Meeting 16/17

Date: 11/1/2017
Time: 9:30am
Location: Room 1410


1. To adopt the agenda of the meeting

2. To adopt the minutes of last meeting (Appendix 1)

3. Matters for Discussions

3.1.   Business Plan for 2017-2018: Major initiatives and Key Projects (2)

4. AOB

5. Date of Next Meeting


Minutes of the 2nd meeting held on January 11, 2017 (Wednesday) at 9:30 am in Room 1410 of the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.


Mr. Chau Yin Ming, Francis (Chairperson)


The Association of Evangelical Free Churches of Hong Kong

Ms. So Suk Yin, Susan



Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

Dr. Lui Wai Ling, Annissa


Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service

Ms. Hung Tak Fung, Anchor


Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Ms. Wong Wai Mui, Nancy


Christian Family Service Centre

Mr. Chan Kin Hung, Charles


Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong

(Representative of Specialized Committee on Social Development)

Ms. Siu Ka Yan, Sky


Kely Support Group

Ms. Ngai Mei Mui, Angela


Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Mr. Wong Chi Hung, Edmond


Caritas – Hong Kong

Mr. Chan Pun Lai, Benny


Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Mr. Fung Kai Man, David


St. James’ Settlement

Mr. Stephen Wong


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ms. Liu Kam Fung, Iris


International Social Service Hong Kong Branch

Professor Yep Kin Man, Ray


City University of Hong Kong

Ms. Connie Ng


St. James’ Settlement



(Representative of Specialized Committee on Social Security and Employment Policy)







Mr. Keith Wong



Mr. Peace Wong



Mr. Anthony Wong



Ms. Olivia Ip (Recorder)









Mr. Chow Sung Ming


Hong Kong Polytechnic University

1.     Welcome

On behalf of the Committee, Mr. Francis Chau welcomed Ms. Connie Ng and Professor Ray Yep joining the Committee.

2.     To adopt the minutes of last meeting

 The minutes of last meeting dated December 5, 2016 were confirmed with no amendment.

3.      Matters Arising

3.1  Chief Executive Election 2017 Election Forum I – Mr. Woo Kwok Hing

Anthony Wong reported that Woo Kwok Hing Forum held on December 5, 2016.  More than 80 participants were attended.  Participants commented that the Forum was very fruitful.

3.2  Chief Executive Election 2017 Election Forum II - Mrs. Regina Ip

(a)    Regina Ip Forum would be held at February 13, 2017.

(b)   Anthony Wong encouraged members to attend.

3.3  Anthony Wong told members that after Mrs. Carrie Lam and Mr. John Tsang announced their election of Chief Executive 2017, two more forums would be organized.  The format of these two forums would re-arrange.

3.4  Members commented the followings:

 -          Thought that Mrs. Carrie Lam would be more concern on Lump Sum Grant issue.  It was a good time to prepare position paper to Carrie for consideration.

-          Although they were former government officers, we should need to understand their new angles or priorities on which issues they were most concerning about.

4.      Matters for Discussions

4.1  Business Plan for 2017-2018: Major initiatives and Key Projects

(a)    Mr. Anthony Wong reported the follows:

-          Briefly introduced the draft paper on “Business Plan for 2017 – 2018” which would submit to Council’s EXCO for endorsement on March. 

-          After discussion and revised, a comprehensive paper would circulate to members at our next PRA meeting for endorsement.

-          He reminded members that Extended Governance Meeting was scheduled for January 23, 2017 from 4:30pm.

-          HKCSS “Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit GIES 2017 (樂齡科技博覽暨高峰會議) ” would be held at June 16 - 18, 2017.

(b)   Comments and recommendations for Business Plan were as follows:

-          Suggested adding child care policy especially vulnerable child care into item 1(a).  Members found that it was not suitable for PRA Standing Committee to follow.  After discussion, members agreed to raise this question at the coming Extended Governance Meeting to discuss.

-          Peace Wong informed members that recommendation on low income supplement issue was achieved.  Committee on Social Security and Employment Policy (“SSEP”) would follow up the improvement of policy advocacy on low income supplement next year term.

-          A position paper on low income supplement submitted to Commission on Poverty last week.  Recommendation on working hours for low income and long-term patients were also included in this paper.  Feedback from the COP was positive.  Anthony Wong told member that the Council would upload updated position papers on the HKCSS’s website afterward.

-          Peace Wong also echoed that he would circulate to SSEP’s network through internet for information.

-          Keith Wong briefed the work plan on Social Development team. 

(1) A new working group would set up to follow up the vision for the future.

(2) Stephen Wong told members that HA members suggested asking to extend the usage of chronic medical voucher, and also reduce the age limit start from 45 years old.

(3) Keith Wong would propose to discuss chronic medical voucher issue at the Specialized Committee on Social Development (“SD”) meeting and would focus on disadvantaged persons and grassroots.

(4) Charles Chan mentioned that it was important to let grassroots or disadvantage persons could handle their needs timely.

-          Member found that the public was not many voices about the consultation of medical health care; HKCSS was a very good channel on promoting and advocating health policy.

-          Keith Wong told members that SD was going to study transitional housing.  Details of work plan would work out.

-          Members suggested raising transitional housing recommendation to all candidates of Chief Executive Election 2017.  Members agreed.

-          Peace Wong reported that SSEP was now co-operating with several ngos on the preparation work of Festival of Social Economic, such as Local Market Festival.  HKCSS would apply funding application to Oxfam – Hong Kong. 

-          Members reminded SSEP on handling the finance issue e.g. income from Local Market Festive.  Peace Wong would discuss carefully with the co-organizers.

-          Members suggested Research Team organizing training course on “train the trainer”.  They also suggested exploring agency heads to be a speaker or consultant, they could share their working experiences with the sector.

5.      Any Other Business


6.      Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was scheduled for March 9, 2017 (Thursday) at 9:30am in Room 1204 (12/F) of Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.