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Agenda and Minutes -
The 6 Meeting 2015-16

Date: 26 September 2016 (Monday)
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Room 201, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1.     Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting

2.     Matters Arising

Matters for Information and Approval

(These items may not require discussion.  Members are at liberty to raise any questions, otherwise, the Chairperson will present this items for approval)

3.1   To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.2   To note the Position of Funds

3.3   To note and approve Application of Agency Membership

        3.3.1                Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association Limited 香港進食失調康復會有限公司        

        3.3.2                Charitable Choice Limited擇善坊有限公司

3.4   To note and approve the Annual Financial Report of HKCSS for the Year Ended 31st March 2016 

3.5   To note the Election Results of 6 Specialized Committees for 2016-18

3.6   To note and approve Changing Signatory of Group B for Internet Learning Resource Centre

3.7   To note and approve the Council’s Policy and Implementation Measures for Submission of the Best Practice Manual of SWD

4.     Matters for Discussion and Action     

4.1   Recommendations for the 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election

4.2   To note and approve the Proposal to set up a System for Declaration of Interests for Members of Governing Committees of HKCSS

4.3   Co-option of Members to the Executive Committee

5.     Any Other Business

5.1   HKCSS AGM - 10 November 2016 (Thursday)



Executive Committee 2015/16 

Minutes of the 6th Meeting of the Executive Committee for 2015/16 held on Monday, 26 September, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201, 2/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. 


The Hon. Bernard Chan (Chairperson)

Ms. Maggie Chan                          

Ms. Susan Chan

Mr. Francis Chau                           

Mr. Benny Cheung                         

Mr. Larry Kwok                             

Mr. Kwok Lit Tung                 

Mr. Otto Lau                                  

Dr. C K Law                                   

Ms. Elizabeth Law                          

Dr. Annissa Lui

Dr. CC Luk                                     

Mrs. Cynthia Luk                           

Mr. Joseph Man                            

Ms. Susan So                                

Ms. Kathy Wong                           

Mr. Stephen Yau                           



Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Chief Executive

Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development)

Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy)

Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development)

Mr. Cliff Choi, Business Director (Public Engagement and Partnership)



The Hon. Cheung Kwok Che                

Mr. Allen Fung                               

Dr. Fung Cheung Tim                    

Mr. Kennedy Liu     

Dr. Lo Chi Kin                                 

Mr. Ma Kam Wah                          

Mr. Ng Shui Lai                              

Mr. Suen Lai Sang                                 

Ms. Sania Yau                                

Ms. Amarantha Yip                                

Dr. Alice Yuk                                  

Mrs. Helina Yuk                             



1. Minutes of the last meeting dated 25 July 2016 were confirmed with no amendment.



2. Funding and Operations Agreement of Internet Learning Support Programme (ILSP) – Mr. Chua, Chief Executive, updated that a new Agreement has come into effect from September 2016 for an extension of 2 years. Under the Agreement, Mr. Chua would be in charge of ILRC in its operation and management and in parallel there was also a plan working to merge the two Centres, ITRC and ILRC, aiming to streamline future operations. Mr. Erwin Huang would continue to serve as a part-time Consultant to facilitate liaison with schools and potential partners.          

3. Update on the Staff Case (Confidential) – Mr. Chua reported that the Court of First   Instance of the High Court had accepted our appeal and the case would be remitted to the Labour Tribunal for a new hearing, which had been scheduled for 1 December. Future progress would be provided to Members once available. 



To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

4. Members noted the Chief Executive’s Progress Report and supplementary information on below items were further provided by Mr. Chua:

- HKCSS AGM: Mr. Chua reported that Mrs. Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSAR, was invited to be the guest of honour addressing the audience and to officiate the kick-off Ceremony of HKCSS 70th Anniversary promoting the theme of 'Innovation and Preparation for the Ageing Society'. The signature program together with other meaningful initiatives promoting different services would also be introduced at AGM.   

- Industrial Building at Tai Kok Tsui: Mr. Chua reported that the 6000 sq ft industrial building offered by a private property owner, would be leased to SEs operators at discounted rent. Details in separate memo had been released to member agencies. 

- Updating of Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Manual: Mr. Chua reported that the sector's concerns with the uncertainties of government's interpretation of cross-subsidization had been tentatively put away from LSG manual after continuous communication with SWD. Updates of further development would be reported to Members once available.     

- MPF Review: Mr. Chua reported that an internal staff survey on MPF review had indicated dissatisfaction from majority of staff on the performance of existing MPF provider, hence they supported to source another MPF provider. A few providers in the market were then sourced and putting to vote by all concerned staff.  

To note the Position of Funds

5. Members noted the Position of Funds with no enquiry raised. 

To note and approve the Application for Agency Membership

6. Members noted and approved the membership applications of below agencies:

  • Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association Limited 香港進食失調康復會有限公司
  • Charitable Choice Limited擇善坊有限公司 

The Chairperson noted the Declaration of interests from two Members at the Meeting. The minutes recorded that Ms. Elizabeth Law had declared for being an auditor for HK Eating Disorders Association Limited and Ms. Susan So whose agency had been a beneficiary of the Charitable Choice Limited. 

To note and approve the Annual Financial Report of HKCSS for the Year Ended 31st March 2016

7. Ms. Elizabeth Law, Hon. Treasurer, reported on the Audited Financial Report (the Report) of the Council as at 31st March 2016 and highlighted the consolidated positions of the income, expenditure and cash flow positions of the Council, including its subsidiaries, namely, WiseGiving, ILRC and ITRC. Ms. Law further discussed with Members regarding the position and utilization of the Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Reserve and Provident Fund (PF) Reserve for Non-Snapshot Staff. It was noted that the Council had observed the relevant legislation and the purposes as stipulated in the LSG Manual, LSG Circulars, and relevant letters/notifications, as well as having appropriate documentation in the process of managing the Reserves. Members agreed that the LSG and PF Reserves would be retained for future use in support of the Council's operation.  

Ms. Law reported that the auditor had confirmed an opinion of the Report for giving a true and fair view of the financial position of the Council and its subsidiaries as at 31 March 2016. With no further enquiries from Members, the Audited Financial Report was received and endorsed at the Meeting. 

To note the Election Results of 6 Specialized Committees for 2016-18

8. Members noted the election results of the 5 Specialized Committees for 2016-18 which were officially announced to Member Agencies on 12 September 2016. The nomination process for the election of members of the Executive Committee & Standing Committees was in progress and the closing date for the nomination would be 4 October 2016.  

To note and approve Changing Signatory of Group B for Internet Learning Resource Centre (ILRC)

9. Mr. Chua, Chief Executive, reported that subsequent to the new Agreement of ILSP came into effect from September 2016, the signatories of bank accounts had to be amended in accordance with the change of management structure. Members noted the proposal to add HKCSS BD(SCD) as signatory in Group B and the deletion of ILRC CEO, Mr. Erwin Huang, as a signatory. The new arrangement of authorized signatories of ILRC for all bank   transactions under the indicated amount were noted and approved by ExCo. 

To note and approve the Council’s Policy and Implementation Measures for Submission of the Best Practice Manual of SWD

10. Mr. Chua reported that since last update to Members, the management had completed reviewing existing policies and procedures of the Council in the implementation of BPM. Subsequently, all core areas of  management, namely the financial management, human resource management, as well as corporate governance and accountability management had confirmed compliance and put to ExCo for endorsement. Subject to receiving endorsement from ExCo, the self-assessment checklist for level one requirements under  review period of April 2015 to March 2016 would be submitted to SWD.  Members noted   and approved the submission with no further enquiries raised. 


Initial Discussions on the Proposed Recommendations for the 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election

11. Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy), presented to Members for initial discussion the draft recommendations for 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election. Mr. Wong highlighted that views were collected from different stakeholders in series of focus groups and from various communications with service and policy networks and committees. A framework of recommendations with consolidated views had been prepared for initial discussion at ExCo. It was highlighted that the draft      recommendation comprised an overall review on government policies in tackling key social issues including poverty, housing, retirement protection and welfare planning, as well as   the suggestions for service and policy enhancements in response to community needs.  

After discussion and in summary, Members had commented on few key areas including the continual need to strive for Rehabilitation Program Plan review and practical implementation of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; on child policy and the 15 year free education; on retirement protection and MPF offsetting arrangements with long service payment; as well as the overall evaluation of government's performance in its policy towards service improvements. The Chairperson thanked Members for the comments and noted that in principle the recommendations were supported. Members however also suggested that further refinement of the contents would help enhance the paper in giving balanced views of different stakeholders. Mr. Wong noted and would continue the discussion with Standing Committee in collecting more thorough views, which would be compiled and forwarded to ExCo for endorsement by circulation within next two months. 

To note and approve the Proposal to set up a System for Declaration of Interests for Members of Governing Committees of HKCSS

12. Mr. Chua explained that the proposal in setting up the System of Declaration of Interests was introduced to foster good practice of corporate governance and accountability, a measure which proactively supported the Council's initiation of the governance platform project to member agencies. Mr. Chua highlighted that the System was proposed to be applied to all members of governing committees of the Council, namely, the ExCo, Standing and Specialized Committees, as well as the Steering and Advisory Committees.       Members were invited to give comments and endorse the setting up of the System targeted for implementation with effect from the commencement of the term 2016-17. After discussion, Members had given comments on the principles and reporting format of the   proposed System, such as the need to redefine the scope and extent of pecuniary interests, and the type of non-governmental organizations and/or private corporations to   be included. It was noted that subject to further refinement and amendment to be made on the contents, Members in principle supported the System. Mr. Chua thanked Members for the comments and would incorporate the suggestions into the System as appropriate.   

Co-option of Members to the Executive Committee

13. Mr. Chua presented to Members the Management’s recommendation for appointment of four co-opted members for a term of 2 years from 2016-18. Members noted and approved the invitation to recommended members. Mr. Chua noted that there was a vacancy left for co-option which he would further work with the management team in making recommendation. Taking the opportunity, Mr. Chua would like to express gratitude to 2 outgoing co-opted Members for their generous support and guidance in the past years. Mr.      Chua would update the progress of co-option at the next Meeting. 

14. The Chairperson reported that subsequent to satisfactory review of the performance of Mr. Chua, together with the office-bearers, a decision had been reached to renew the employment contract of Mr. Chua as Chief Executive of HKCSS for 3 years. 


HKCSS AGM on 10 November 2016

15. Mr. Chua invited Members to attend the Council’s AGM to be held on 10 November 2016. 

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.