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Agenda and Minutes -
The 5 Meeting 2015-16

Date: 25 July 2016 (Monday)
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Room 201, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1.     Confirmation of Minutes of Last Meeting

2.     Matters Arising

3.     Matters for Information and Approval

(These items may not require discussion.  Members are at liberty to raise any questions, otherwise, the Chairperson will present this items for approval)

3.1   To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.2   To note the Position of Funds

3.3   To note and approve Application of Agency Membership

        3.3.1                Autism Partnership Foundation Limited愛培自閉症基金有限公司

        3.3.2                Children Chiropractic Foundation 兒童脊科基金

        3.3.3                Enrich Professional Development Limited

        3.3.4                Faith in Love Foundation Limited相信愛基金有限公司

        3.3.5                Music Children Foundation Limited音樂兒童基金會有限公司

3.4   To note and approve Recommendations on Applying the 2016-17 Civil Service Pay Adjustment of the Council

3.5   To note and review Enhancements of Provident Fund provided to HKCSS Staff for 2018-19

3.6   To note and approve the Funding & Operations Agreement of ILSP

4.     Matters for Discussion and Action                                                   

4.1   2016 Annual Submission to CE of HKSAR

5.     Any Other Business

6.     Date of Next Meeting – 26 September 2016 (The last meeting for the term of 2015-16)


Minutes of the 5th Meeting of the Executive Committee for 2015/16 held on Monday, 25 July, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201, 2/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. 


The Hon. Bernard Chan (Chairperson)

Ms. Maggie Chan                          

Ms. Susan Chan

Mr. Francis Chau                           

Mr. Benny Cheung                         

Mr. Kwok Lit Tung                        

Mr. Otto Lau                                  

Dr. C K Law                                   

Ms. Elizabeth Law                          

Mr. Kennedy Liu                    

Dr. CC Luk                                     

Mr. Joseph Man                            

Ms. Susan So                                

Mr. Stephen Yau                           

Ms. Amarantha Yip                                

Mrs. Helina Yuk             



Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Chief Executive

Ms. Crystal Cheng, Business Director (Service Development)

Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy)

Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development)



The Hon. Cheung Kwok Che                

Mr. Allen Fung                               

Dr. Fung Cheung Tim                    

Mr. Larry Kwok

Dr. Lo Chi Kin                                 

Dr. Annissa Lui                               

Mrs. Cynthia Luk           

Mr. Ma Kam Wah                          

Mr. Ng Shui Lai                              

Mr. Suen Lai Sang                         

Ms. Kathy Wong                            

Ms. Sania Yau                                

Dr. Alice Yuk




1.     Minutes of the last meeting dated 30 May 2016 were confirmed with no amendment.


2.     No matters arising were reported.


To note the Chief Executive’s Progress Report

3.     Members noted the Chief Executive’s Progress Report and supplementary information on below items were further provided by Mr. Chua: 

  • 2016 Legislative Council (Social Welfare Functional Constituency) Election Forum: Mr. Chua reported on the election forum to be conducted on 6 August, which would engage candidates standing for election of the seat of Social Welfare Functional Constituency. All agency members were invited. Mr. Chua also noted that there were internal guidelines in place in guiding the Council colleagues' participation in election and related campaign activities, in order to ensure the Council’s impartiality and to avoid conflict of interests in the election.
  • China's Foreign NGOs Management Law: Mr. Chua reported that China’s new Foreign NGOs Management Law had been announced on 28 April 2016 and would be effective from 1 January 2017. A visitation to Beijing between 16-17 June to meet with Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Civil Affairs and other related parties had been arranged to exchange views on the issue. After the visitation, a sharing session was planned to be arranged on 26 July to share the observations with agency members.
  • NGOs Governance Platform Project (the Project): Mr. Chua introduced the four-year pilot Project which was supported by SWD Lotteries Fund. Mr. Kennedy Liu, Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Project, further pointed out that the Project was launched to build an NGO governance platform aiming to encourage NGO board members from diverse background to interact, share and learn from each other, and in the process to facilitate the promotion of best practices of NGOs governance within the sector.  Mr. Liu also noted that 50 visitations to NGO boards were planned per year and taking the opportunity, Members were invited to participate in around 2-3 visits per year, helping to strengthen the communication and connection of board members of HKCSS with that of our member agencies. Members would be informed of further details once available.

To note the Position of Funds

4.     Members noted the Position of Funds with no enquiry raised.

To note and approve the Application for Agency Membership

5.     Members noted and approved the membership applications of below agencies:

  • Autism Partnership Foundation Limited愛培自閉症基金有限公司
  • Children Chiropractic Foundation 兒童脊科基金
  • Enrich Professional Development Limited
  • Faith in Love Foundation Limited相信愛基金有限公司
  • Music Children Foundation Limited音樂兒童基金會有限公司

In light of increasingly complicated and diversified social and service environment for operators in the sector, few Members have concerns and raised to the management to consider putting in place a classification of agency membership, matching their respective service needs and different natures of operation. There was a suggestion for classification of different membership types according to the funding source say, subvented or non-subvented NGOs, as well as devising a differentiation of associate and full membership, etc. Mr. Chua thanked for the views and remarked that the management would need more time for in-depth and elaborate discussion, and it would also be brought up to responsible committee for views.

To note and approve Recommendations on Applying the 2016-17 Civil Service Pay Adjustment of the Council

6.     Mr. Chua reported that subsequent to the endorsement of LegCo Finance Committee on         28 June 2016 of the 2016-17 civil service pay adjustment and confirmation from SWD for the release of additional subvention in August, the management would like to seek  Members’ approval to the recommendations in applying the 2016-17 civil service pay     adjustment to all eligible staff members with retrospective effect from 1 April 2016. It was        noted that the   recommendations had already taken into account of the financial       implication to the Council in effecting the salary adjustment. Members noted and endorsed the recommendations with no further enquiries. 

To note and review Enhancements of Provident Fund provided to HKCSS Staff for 2018-19

7.     Mr. Chua recapitulated for Members’ information the provident fund enhancements provided to HKCSS staff since its implementation in June 2014 and reported that      financial review had been conducted which indicated another year of extension until       2018-19 of the employer contribution to 10% of staff salary for staff on MPF scheme with   over 10 years’ service was financially viable.  Mr. Chua therefore invited Members to note     and         endorse the extension. With no further enquiries, Members endorsed the extension.

To note and approve the  Funding & Operations Agreement (the Agreement) of ILSP

8.     Dr. John Fung, Business Director (Sector and Capacity Development), reported on the    progress of discussion of ILSP’s Agreement and its extension which had been endorsed      by the LegCo Panel on IT and Broadcasting. It was further noted that the proposed KPIs   and relevant indicators mentioned in the Agreement had been mutually agreed by OGCIO and the Council. Dr. John Fung then invited ExCo Members to give comments, if any. With        no further comments, Members of ExCo endorsed the Agreement and agreed to authorize      the use of common seal, and assign the Chief Executive of HKCSS for signature.


2016 Annual Submission to CE of HKSAR

9.     Mr. Anthony Wong, Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy), presented to      Members the draft Annual Submission to the Chief Executive of HKSAR. It was noted that     in the past two months, initial views had been collected after careful deliberation with the Standing Committee on Policy Research and Advocacy and other members at Agency       Heads meeting. Mr. Wong remarked that the 2016 Annual Submission had included not         only the 10 new policy recommendations, but also other ones which were long-advocated       for support from the Government.  Subject to the comments and endorsement from ExCo,       it would be sent to the Chief Executive of the HKSAR government.  There were views from        Members that the Council should leverage on the opportunity to put forward and advocate         for these policy recommendations in the upcoming period of regime change and the      election platform of any candidates to run for CE-HKSAR election.  Mr. Chua noted and         thanked Members for views. Mr. Anthony Wong would follow up to work out the final       submission.


Update on the Staff Case (Confidential)

10.   The Chairperson informed that Mr. Chua, Chief Executive,  would update Members on the      progress of the staff case. Mr. Chua reported that the management was waiting for the     result to be delivered after a hearing taken place and attended by the Council        representatives on 20 July 2016. Once obtaining the result, Mr. Chua would keep       Members updated of the progress and if further action would be needed.


11.   The next meeting was scheduled for 26 September 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 201 of     Duke of Windsor Social Service Building.


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.